Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

I was working on another post when I discovered Trobairitz's challenge.  If it were NIGHT outside I would prove that spring has already begun visiting the South.  The Tulip trees are blooming.

I purchased some indoor Tulip bulbs to cheer up my office space.

And I managed to snap a couple of photos from the webcam at home.

My Witness Protection picture

A little too much bubbly?
Cousin It comes to visit. 
Did this qualify?  ;)


  1. Off course it counts. Thanks for playing along and getting creative.

    The tulip trees are very pretty. Your weather is envious. Still hasn't stopped raining here.

  2. I couldn't believe you were getting snow this morning! I saw Bobskoots snow photos and am astounded. But summer seems to be coming up way too fast down here. :) Thanks for qualifying the photos!

  3. Very creative (which I am not...) The witness protection shot is cool.

  4. LOL Love the bubbles!
    If I have a webcam, I have no idea how to run it, or where it is. Frankly it's a little creepy what the computer knows and sees ... and what google keeps in that secret little file...

  5. Steel Cupcake:

    I love that bubble photo. I wished I knew how to do that. You are so smart, but you already know that.

    Riding the Wet Coast

  6. Hi Sonja!

    Sometimes creative juices runneth dry, correct? Luckily I could rely on the computer program. The one I managed to get my fingers on had some very strange overlays and I just had fun clicking through them. :) I'm gonna go search for yours now.

  7. Hi Bob!

    I thought we've been over this? Smarta$$ does not smart make one. hehe. But thank you. I liked the bubbly one too. Had to take quite a few snapshots as the program was slow and would catch the bubbles in some strange places...

  8. Hi Bluekat!

    It is so funny you should mention that! I was originally getting ready to use the iPad for the photo, since it has a couple neat options. But then it connects directly with the iCloud and iPhone and "shares" the photos. It's next to impossible to delete them. So I didn't. Opted for hubbies computer instead and found some strange program and played with new overlays. :) Great minds. ;)

  9. Hi SEO, Thanks! Made me smile too.

  10. I, too, like the bubble photo. And, isn't it amazing how It is always showing up?

  11. Okay, I have to ask as one natural long/curly haired rider to the next - how to you keep it contained under your helmet especially when it is raining?

    I have found that if I part it and put it into two braids I can shoulder check better than one big ponytail in the back. The rain still wicks into the jacket though.

    With a pony tail I find the wind snarls it into tangles and if brush it out I surpass Cousin It and turn into Gilda Radnor's SNL character Roseanne Rosannadanna.

    I'll take all the tips I can get.

  12. Nice pictures. I think everyone has at least one cousin It.

    I found that I really like the convenience of the iCloud photo stream. Once I take a picture, it's almost immediately on my computer. That is pretty convenient and I no longer worry about losing pictures.

  13. Part 1:

    Trobairitz...ahhh...that is a loaded question. :) Ask a guy about the best oil or tires. Ask a girl with long, curly hair. So many opinions. :)

    I'm like you. I still haven't found the best system. I haven't done the double braids. That might be worth a try.

    I will generally gather at the base of the skull and either use multiple hair bands down the length or braid it. When it was really long I actually used one of those leather lengths that you wrap around your hair and generally get from a Harley Davidson shop. (Surprisingly it worked pretty well.)

    No matter what it still isn't great. You know, snatches get caught in something and are pulled out. Long, horrible flyaway wisps that makes you take it apart at lunch and redo it.

    I did purchase an interesting product that seemed full of promise at the M/C show last year. I've thought of writing up a post...but haven't used it in awhile.

  14. Part 2

    It is similar to a guys do-rag in that it goes over head, but it has a little pouch at the back. The idea is to curl up your hair in a loose bun at the base of your head, slip the pouch over it, pull to forehead, then cross/tie these little wings of fabric that keep it in place. (Behind the bun)

    That way, when you remove your helmet you hair just falls naturally and in proper order.

    However...I think it is designed more for straight hair. My hair still dried out. And my hair at the time was long, but not long enough to really "catch" in the pouch. I'll have to try it again now that it's much longer.

    I'll find it this week and send you a picture.

    Do you use a moisturizer on it?

  15. Hi Richard! I do have to agree that the cloud is great when sharing photos between locations. But since my iphone and ipad were given to me by work...I don't like doing lots of personal stuff on it. So I don't quite utilize them as I would if they were "mine".

    Cousin IT does get around. :)

  16. Thanks for the tip Lori. Oh and if one of the guys had really long curly hair, I'd ask them the same question, lol.

    I wash and condition it daily. It is unmanageable if I don't.

    I've tried all natural and the normal stuff and even tried the 'curly girl' way for a bit. I've found Pantene for curly hair works best for me.

    The do-rag type thing sounds interesting but I don't know if I could have something over my head like that. I am very resistant to hats or things on my head, they drive me nuts. A helmet is about all I can do and even then I hate them, but I know they are not optional. I even hate knitted caps in the winter. I can do a hood on my coat or earmuffs and occasionally a baseball cap if I can find one small enough.

    Like Bob's feet, my head likes to be bare, lol.

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