Monday, February 27, 2012

Carburetors and Fuel Petcocks

So what happens when someone has become spoiled on his state of the art, fuel injected, luxury liner on two wheels and is put on a 1986 Honda duel sport?  He completely forgets about carburetors and fuel petcocks that need to be turned into the proper position...


I figured he had stalled the machine when he didn't follow me through the right hand turn out of the parking lot.  But I could see his frustration level skyrocketing when it died again a quarter mile down the road at the next light.  His furious kick starting wasn't having effect.  Luckily there wasn't anyone on the road behind us.  I just pulled over and headed for the gas station.  He was there jumping up and down on that kick start lever to save his life.

I was curious to see if he would pull it over to the gas station and just kick it over on its side.  (He had spent all day Saturday trying to kick start that darn machine.  You would think the fact that it wasn't getting any spark would have saved him tons of kicking.)

It didn't take him long to realize that the fuel petcock was in the "Off" position. didn't take him much longer...hehe

Just goes to show that you have to relearn some things on those older vehicles that you used to be proficient on.  :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Four's a Herd

If two is company.  And three is a crowd.  What is four? 

Apparently, a nice start to a herd...


The poor little thing is relegated to the patio for a couple days until we can make some space in the garage.

Oilburner and I have been wondering lately just how two of us are going to go adventure riding?  I realize that he is ok with taking his RT(A) on some dirt roads.  I'm sure he would be capable of taking it through some pretty interesting areas.  But whenever I think about some of the places I am interested in exploring, I don't want to ask him to take the RT(A) down those roads.  I'd be too afraid of what might happen...

He's just been too darn jealous.

We knew we would end up getting something that would allow us both to get out and dirty.  We've always just wondering what it might be.  I figured it would be some old, beat up thing that would allow me to learn to ride the dirt.  And so it is. 

I still think that 600cc is large for off-roading.  At least to learn on.  But the important thing is that the cc's will allow us to ride the bike to the trail instead of trailering it there.  So what I think is going to happen will be Oilburner riding this on the highways and byways to reach the dirt...and then we can switch bikes.  I'll ride on the comfort of the GS saddled, cushy shocked shiny luxury liner.  :)

Some of you have been posting some of your pictures of the "basket case" bikes.  And we are wondering if this will be one of them.  Luckily the thing runs great.  Oilburner is torn between just getting it out and riding or taking it apart and cleaning all the little pieces and prettying her up again.  I'm more of the camp of just riding it right now and having some fun.  Clean it up next winter.  Maybe. 

Oh yeah.  Oilburner wants to make sure that I point out that I got the brand new, pretty, shiny big GS and he gets stuck with this old, dirty, rusty bucket o' bolts.  I told him that you all would only say "that is as it should be".  :)