Sunday, September 13, 2009

Finally! It's Mine!!

It took a little longer then expected but it can't be helped when you don't get on the bike.  I was finally able to push that little odometer enough to flip LCD over my imaginary ownership mileage of 18885.  Remember that was my mental block of true ownership where I have put more miles on the bike then the previous owner.

I wish I had been in a position to catch the actually flip, but it was not meant to be on the one lane 55 mph highway.

I'm still not terribly impressed with my average mileage per month.  Guess I will just need to work on that with some long distance trips...  :-)

Washington and the Revolutionary War

Another beautiful day and the humidity was low.  So we gathered a friend and hit the road.  We ventured forth to Washington, Georgia again.  I really like that little town.  They are doing a great job at bringing it back together for good community and tourism.  Unfortunately Talk of the Town has changed their hours and are no longer open on Sunday.  Darn!

We walked around the tourism info office and inquired about the location of Kettle Creek.  She wasn't able to give us the exact location, but we felt we could find the first sign and go from there.  We walked the square again and popped into the coffee shop for caffeine.  The antique shops were closed but I enjoyed seeing the cat on the roof.


After refreshments and a stretch we hit the bikes and road and headed towards where we hoped Kettle Creek to be.  The Battle of Kettle Creek is one of the most important battles of the Revolutionary War fought in Georgia. After all the attention given to the Civil War it is interesting to see something honored that brought our country together instead of tearing it apart.

Did I tell you that we had to ride another gravel road??  This stuff was a little deep, not compacted and in definite ruts from a less traveled road.  It wasn't too bad until I had to cross the center strip of grass and rocks to avoid the construction vehicles.  That and Winford kept riding up my tailpipe with him and his confidence on his 900 lb Harley.  I did draw the line at riding up the last bit of roadway that had a good incline covered in pine needles and a nice grassy/needly slope into the trees and bushes.  I didn't so much disagree with the trip up, but definitely did not want the trip down trying to steer and brake on that stuff.  No matter.  A little walk never does anyone too much harm.

I parked the bike outside the gate and everyone else decided to follow suit.

Preparing to leave and I notice a new passenger on my steed.  Funny how the butterflies seem to like the bike too.

Stats: 214 miles, fantastic weather, finally able to reach a Revolutionary War memorial, passed 18884 on my bike.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Riding for Food

Another day and another opportunity to take the bikes out.  John wanted to ride, so Alex had the great idea of riding up to Hiawassee.  John, the n00b riding the twisties.  This was going to be interesting.

Alex took the lead and planned the route and destination.  We took a leisurely ride up to Dahlonega via the highway.  Hey, it was nice not riding Hwy 9 again.  We skirted up to the twistiest road in N. Ga., Hwy 19 over Blood Mtn, but hooked a right just before I was going to have to throw a fit and turn around on mine own.  I still have no interest in riding that stretch of Hwy 19.  It can be crazy in the summer with sport bikes flying the roads.  That and I am not interested in looking down those steep mtns slopes 5 feet from the white line.

The ride to Hiawassee was completely uneventful.  We took it easy on the tight mountain passes outside of Helen.  John was doing great and we didn't want to push it.  Especially when we saw the sport bikes lined up next to the tow truck on a right hand turn.  And the tow truck was fishing down the mountain for the bike that "got away".  No news on the condition of the rider.  Let's hope he slid slower and stopped before the bike did.

We took a slightly different route home and took John on even more twisties. Hwy 180 behind Vogel State Park.  This road is almost as tight as the dreaded Hwy 19, except it is missing the steep drop offs.  Luckily the valley floor is generally nearby.  :)

John did very well overall.  Even on the tightest twisties he managed an average 28 mph in a 35 zone. 

Here is a little look at the GPS track for a twisty spot on 180.  It is a little tighter then this scale gives it credit for.

We took a well deserved break at the end of 180 for a coke and a smile.  Good thing we didn't need any fuel for the steeds.

Stats: 218 miles with beautiful weather.  John's longest ride to date...and the twistiest.