Friday, March 29, 2013

Gone and Done It

Yep. Rode to work today.

Yesterday started at 31F and ended at 64F. When I walked out of work last night it was just too gorgeous and I lamented not being on the bike.

So I woke up early (had my trusty wake up call), wriggled into my gear, and headed off into the bewilderingly warm temperature of 35F. Waist up was warm thanks to Gerbings. My legs might have been warmer if I had remembered to zip down the bottom of my pants. Shame on me!

The little temperature display on the computer console blinked at 35F with a little snowflake during most of my ride. I remembered to temper my itchy throttle fingers and be gentle on turns with large painted strips, as they have a tendency to be slippery. I tempered the speed on roundabouts and blind curves in case there was some water seepage or spillage that could cause disaster.

It was a lovely ride, just before traffic started to get really crazy. But I'm really looking forward to the 64F temp on the way home. Yeah, I'm gonna leave a little early and enjoy the day. Have a great weekend everyone! Hope yours starts out as well as mine.

Oh...and my reward for riding...


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

All work...

...and no play makes for no fun riding.

Some people like to think they are integral at work; that work will not function without them. I am NOT one of those people. I prefer to teach everyone my duties, so that I can leave for vacation and be able to let work go completely. But sometimes you are integral if people just aren't qualified or prepared enough.

That just means that I have been working way too many hours, shirking my wifely duties of household chores like cooking and cleaning. (Who am I kidding, those don't get done even when I'm not working an ungodly amount of hours.) And no riding...

The weather hasn't exactly been conducive to riding. The last two days we've been getting snow flurries from the grey clouds scuttling by. Nothing that sticks. Just keeps it darn cold.

Oilburner and I did manage a ride a couple weeks ago. But no pictures means no proof. :) That's ok. It was without destination, meaning that we ended up seeking roads that our tires had never seen before. It was laid back and relaxing and kept us sane for a little while.

Time is just blurring by... Grab it while you can.