Saturday, April 7, 2018

Changes are a'coming...

I did it.  I finally did it.

Sometime at the end of this month I'll be disengaging from the corporate teet. I've been at the end of my rope for a very long time, and finally worked up the courage to leave.  Of course, Oilburner is the impetus, and provided some great alternative views.

Oilburner has been unwell for a very long time.  He is starting to get better, with more energy, being more active, and having a better attitude.  While I haven't said anything about it...yet...Oilburner spent a couple months in Colorado last year at a national recreation area.  He really enjoyed the lifestyle, living in the travel trailer.  He enjoyed the work and the routine.  Which was what he really needed at this stage.

This year, he has found a position with the Army Corp of Engineers in Alaska.  Yes.  You have read that right.  ALASKA!!

I finally see a different life for myself.  So I am going for it.  While Oilburner is working away, I'm playing.  I'm looking to play for about 4 months or so.  BBWWWAAAHAHAHHAA

We will be driving the van, loaded with the two Honda CB500's, and pulling the travel trailer...for a jaunt through the lower 48 and settling near Fairbanks, AK for a couple months.

Funny know you are getting old when:

BeemerGirls doctor: calculating the longevity of birth control and mused that by the time this needs to be replaced, I won't need it anymore....
BeemerGirl:  uuummm....

Oilburner: let's go to Chik-Fil-A for lunch, maybe the regulars will be there even though it is a weekend.
BeemerGirl: you go to Chik-Fil-A enough that you have regulars?  Is that like the old guys hanging outside the general store jawin'?
Oilburner: uuummmm
BeemerGirl: well now all you need to do is make friends with some of them!!


  1. Awesome! I hope that your tell takes you through California but, if not, we'll at least have someone to visit in Alaska!

  2. Sorry, no Chick-Fil-A in AK. He’ll need to find a different place for lunch. By Army Corp of Engineers you mean Chena Lakes Rec?

    And, congratulations on getting at least four months of vacation/riding!

  3. Outstanding news! I completely understand the enjoyment Oilburner derives from glamping. 4 months of vacation/riding....nice! See you in Alaska!

  4. Is this a sabbatical or are you tossing the metaphorical match on your way out? Either way, good for you.

    I am hoping your travels will take you through Oregon. I start my new job on April 20th and will not have any flexibility except for weekends off, but we'd love to see you.

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