Friday, March 16, 2012


Plans were laid.  Routes were uploaded to the Garmin's.  Reservations at a cute little B&B procured.

We were going to do Cherohala Skyway and The Dragon the "proper" way.  In the past we have always rushed through the miles and the day to make it round trip home again.  This time we were going to slow the day down, stop and smell the spring flowers, run Cherohala one day, stay at a little bed and breakfast centrally located, run the Dragon the next, and actually hit a new road through Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  A road that we have wanted to do for years and haven't been able to.

It just wasn't meant to be...

A not-so-little landslide on the Dragon.  No one was hurt, but it will be closing the most sought after road in the area for a couple of weeks.

This isn't a heartbreak for us.  After all, we have ridden this a couple times.  It's just that it was the shortest route to get us around and over to the Smokies and headed back home in the proper sequence.  Now we have to navigate the Smokies south to north...then find an easy way to head south again.

It went from something like this:

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To maybe something like this:

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Or maybe we will wile away the day and ride through Cades Cove:

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I don't know.  If we spent our time in Cades Cove, we just might have to head back and hit the last few miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway again.  Wow.  Life would be rough.  :)

I hope that your weekend will allow for some good riding plans that pan out.


  1. Bummer, or not? I am sure that the alternative routes are beautiful just the same in this area. My wish for the weakend would be... to stay dry on the bike for a change ;-)

  2. The best laid plans......

    Overcome, adapt, improvise. A good motto when riding.

  3. It's just nice to be able to get out. And all of the routes are probably nice and scenic (and snow free!).

    I've been lazy and haven't even tackled the annual maintenance on the bike yet. I have tons of time...

  4. Wow! That looks like some of the forest roads I've been riding. Glad no one was hurt.

    Sucks about the re-route, but it sounds like the options are pretty nice too!

  5. Dear Steel Cupcake:

    God, I want to ride the Smokies and head down to Cherokee again. I want to get out on the road so badly, but this Spring is going to be be spent bikeless and desk-bound.

    I envy you any time you get to spend on the road. My challenge is to get a few projects completed before I can even address the motorcycle issue again.

    Have a great run... Have fast days and slow sunsets.

    Fondest regards,

  6. Hi Sonja! You are correct. It was a "or not" weekend. ;) Long, but fun. Did you manage some time on the bike this weekend? I saw a little dry. But this week sure looks horrible for rain for you.

  7. Hi Trobaritz. Great Motto. I'm just really happy we learned of it the night before when we still had good mapping software to look for alternatives. :)

  8. Hi Richard, How right you were...snow free. Record highs and spring that just seemed to unfold and grow before you eyes!

    How much longer do you have? I mean...your heavy maintenance was at least completed in early winter. Now it is just the little stuff. ;)

  9. Hi Bluekat! I wouldn't want you to bike over this. The drop would be too far. :) I don't know about yours, but our mountains will be green before long.

  10. Mr. Reep! Please, come down. We can wander through these together. I don't know how long it has been since you have been to the national park...but leave your firearms at home. People driving 10 mph around curves, pointing out the windows. In Cades Cove, where there are plenty of signs requesting no stopping...use turnouts...and people are crawling along at 2 mph headless of the 30 cars piled up behind them.

    So how can we work this out? I got money and no time. You got time and no money.

    Hope you get things squared away soon and can relax until it is time to set your hair on fire on the bike. :)