Thursday, August 8, 2013

For Want of Shelf Paper...

For Want of Shelf Paper, They Ate Out of Tupperware


For want of shelf paper, the plates were lost


For want of plates, the boxes were lost


For want of boxes, the packing was lost


For want of packing, the basement was lost

For want of the basement, all household items were lost


All for the want of shelf paper, the diners were forced to eat dinner out of Tupperware that was laying around.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Brief Interlude

RichardM...thank you for the push. Moving took (is taking) much, much, much longer than expected. And it is quite disheartening. We had to cut it off at some point in order to chaperone Moose to a conference.

We worked our butts off to get everything out of the house so our friend/neighbor could move in. If we hadn't had that hanging over our heads we would have taken our time and felt less pressure. But it is what it is. We managed to empty the "house", but there are still remnants in the garage that will have to be dealt with next week.

DefCon is a nice break. Though this too shall end and back to the grindstone we will be dealing with paint, carpet, more moving of his mother, of our stuff out of the basement and into our living area. Sigh. I refuse to think about it.

I had hoped to share pictures, but since we are still in the middle of moving I haven't had time to give you teasers. Here are a couple of walk through images that might tide you over for a little while.

Our first day (and overnight) provided us with beautiful patterns coming through the leaded, beveled glass front door windows, and the deer frolicking in the back yard about 30 feet away from where we sat.
This room has since become packed with items that are not meant to be here. You will have to imagine it is really meant for other purposes...the extra wide doorway capable of allowing, say motorcycles with attached saddlebags, to pass right through...

What is terribly depressing is that my entire previous household manages to fit into one room in the basement, with room to spare. Sitting in the emptiness that is upstairs, waiting for carpet, makes me feel the massiveness of this new house. I do not intend on filling it. I'm liking empty space...

But we do have a little slice of home set up in another room in the basement. Oilburner is finally getting his movie/theater room.