Friday, April 28, 2017

Back Inside the Jet Engine

Have you ever lived inside a jet engine?  We have.  In 20-ought-something we had a pipe burst and flood half the house.  We lived with 12 high powered fans and two huge, industrial style dehumidifiers in a little house.  Baseboards all removed, holes in the drywall, carpet and padding removed.  We didn't realize our insurance would have paid for a hotel stay.  So we subjected ourselves and our pups to this treatment for days until the house was deemed dry and restoration could begin. house, different leak, same jet engine.  Late last night we finally located the source of the moldy smell that I had been picking up on.  And in a rather disgusting way.  Let's just say you don't ever want to see mushrooms growing in your carpet.  We've spent today trying to find the company that could help us to remediate and restore.  Oilburner spent half the day trying to find the source of the leak, to no avail.  Same with the team that was sent out.  No clue.  No roofline, no spigot, no water pipes.  So now we have the carpet partially ripped up, the dehumidifier in the room, and just waiting until they can start pulling the lovely wood paneling down to see the exact extent of the water damage, the extent of the "growth", and determine if we can actually figure out the source of the water.  Sigh.

The darker wood is "wet"
overview 2.jpg
The darker wood is "wet".  It was detectably getting worse throughout the day, and slowly improving with the dehu.
wall gap.jpg
The wall had expanded enough to create this huge gap in the moulding.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Mesh Day


AAAAhhhhhhh....the first time you can get out the bikes in your mesh jacket is so liberating! We didn't have to bundle up with thermals, sweaters, gators, solid jackets, and the whatnot.  The freedom of not feeling like StayPuft the Marshmallow man.  No worries about getting chilled out and making sure you have extra layers.  Just basking in the spare room in the gear.  And this is our 3 weeks of spring where the temps are perfect, the humidity is non-existent, and the pollen is low.  Trifecta!

It averaged about 80 degrees (F) and we headed to Juliette, GA.  This was only the 3rd visit this year.  We hadn't been there in years, the food wasn't terribly thrilling. But they either changed owners, got a new cook, or both, because the food is spectacular!!  So yes, that is becoming one of my favorite destinations for an RTE and there are so many nice routes to boot.  Last month our trip home saw us spending a couple miles on dirt roads (as I finally found the Enduro setting on the GS that loosens the throttle response). 

We sat on the porch for a few minutes after eating.  Just letting everything settle and freeing up the table for another in the line on the 45 minute wait list.  Saw the bike my brother drools over.


Can this be believed??  We are actually letting go of some horses and clearing a space in the barn?  Unheard of!!  We've finally made the decision to release the pent up horses in the Honda XL600R and send it to a new and better home where it will get more attention.


I couldn't kick start the darn thing and hadn't yet gotten used to the height.  So peace be with her and hope that she gets more love and road time.