Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ego Boost

Yeah...I haven't been able to spend much one on one time with any bike recently. So the excitement started to increase as I contemplated riding over to a new adventure riding meetup group dinner. Of course, I left work an hour late. And I also had to go to the market for necessities. So I arrived home at 7. Threw the groceries in the kitchen. Put the perishables in the appropriate fridgerated compartment. Left the remainder strewn all over the floor and counters. Slipped my sweaty feet into leather boots. Threw my jacket over my shoulder, grabbed my helmet and ran to the garage.

It is an adventure riding group. I have to take the GS. It is the adventure bike after all. Unfortunately the tank is absolutely empty.

Get the bike out of the garage, close the house and hop on the bike. The new gas station around the corner seems like the perfect stop.

Hop on the freeway at 7:20 and enjoy a spirited ride to arrive someplace 20 minutes 10 minutes. ;)

Didn't quit make it on time, but no matter...the ride was enjoyable.

I consider losing a little face as I have to make a couple of circuits of the parking lot as others watch on. I just can't decide where to attempt to squeeze the bike in. But it isn't worth feeling chagrined about. I've got one HOT bike. And all eyes are on us. Hehe

I don't know. I just can't help but feeling a huge ego boost when I am one of only three girls in a sea of 20 guys...and the only rider. Oh yeah, baby.

And I didn't even get stuck in the garage when I arrived home to stable the steed. :)


  1. Go on, you loved every minute of it! All that attention! You were in your element.

  2. Steel Cupcake:

    My bike is always parked with enough fuel to go over a hundred miles. If I have less than half tank when coming home, I fill up. so being late is your fault.

    Moral: HOT rider = HOT bike.

    Riding the Wet Coast

    roversoc veign

  3. Good for you. Nothing like hopping on the bike when in a hurry.

    Do you find that often you are the only girl? In this case there were a few but do you find you are usually the only girl? That is what it is like here anyway.

    So how was the meeting?

    Oh and I agree with Bob: Hot rider = hot bike!

  4. I don't know. This may be in the "if there isn't a photo then it didn't happen category"

    Or maybe I'm just feeling really annoyed at all of the fresh snow...

    Great story though.