Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Did Someone Say Spring?

Yes.  I know.  I owe you all posts on a couple different trips.  But you are just going to have to wait a sec.  Everyone has gotten into the Spring Wishes as today was the Northern Hemisphere's Vernal Equinox. So I wish you all the same.

I know that some of you are still caught in the dire grips of winter with snow still on the ground, evidenced in RichardM's Ice Sculpture trip the other day.  Bobskoot is still scraping ice off of the windshield in the morning.  Trobairitz and Troubadour are luckily seeing signs, but are still being caught in rain showers.

So what is Atlanta seeing in times of Spring?


Sex in the form of pollen everywhere!

For those of you with allergies this might be a little scary.  So sit with a box of tissues nearby.

First...this is our Pollen Count for March 20, 2012.

Let me emphasize...  nine thousand three hundred sixty-nine!!!  (See...getting sex in there...)

For those unfamiliar with allergies and pollen problems, a count of 400 is consider dangerous to allergy suffers.  So what exactly does a count of 9000 mean to them?!?!  Today and yesterday absolutely shattered the records set in 1999 of a mere 6000+.

Wanna know what is causing all of this?

Chinese Holly Grape







Dandelion.  Does anyone know a good recipe for Dandelion Wine?  ;)

Sweet Gum Tree



Still trying to find out what this is...

Golden Rain Tree

And this is the culprit that is turning EVERYTHING a lovely shade of yellow-green right now...


Sorry.  Couldn't convince him to write "Charlotte".

Evidence of pollen

Guarding the back yard.

Ants are active early this year.
I wish you a happy and healthy Spring (here in the Northern Hemisphere).  Hopefully with less inhalable evidence of the natural world proliferating.  But with lots of color and beauty surrounding you. 

Now tell me...where would you rather be?  :)


  1. My car hasn't started turning yellow from the pollen yet, but I have the sticky stuff on my windshield. This is looking to be one horrible year for allergy sufferers, but a good year for fleas.

    By the way, glad to know you're having sex in Atlanta.

  2. When you mentioned sex and pollen it reminded me of the scene from Grease 2 where they sang "where does the pollen go?"

    beautiful pictures. I guess a bad/early allergy season is the price to pay for the warm weather. Pine pollen is my worst allergen. Luckily we don't have a lot around here.

    Hope you don't have allergies too bad.

  3. Such lovely photos. I love the close up view. Very nice.

    All the sex...perhaps there should be an adult content warning? ;) lol

  4. Steel Cupcake:

    My ears were burning. I thought I heard the word "SEX" so I came over.

    I'm from Missouri the "show me state" . . .

    so what are you waiting for, show me

    Riding the Wet Coast

  5. You are annoying me now...it is raining here!

  6. So, I loved Virginia spring, cherry blossoms, whatever, it was gorgeous. Kelsie, however, is happy not to be in the area this year - she finally turned allergic about a year ago and went crazy - absolutely crazy - when the pollen got thick. I felt bad, but there wasn't much to do.

    Enjoy it, the summer might melt your face!

    Behind Bars

  7. Dear Steel Cupcake:

    Now it is my turn to blush. I can't believe you released a blog that addressed the issue of "69," even though it was buried in the text.

    The pollen issue is not a big deal yet... But I went through hell last year with allergic reactions to grass pollen closing my throat with choking reactions.

    Neat blog today.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  8. No one here mentioned "Spring" around here. What I did hear is folks grumbling that it's supposed to be -20°F for the next couple of nights then a bunch more snow over the weekend.

  9. Hi CircleBlue,

    And I hope that the yellow pollen doesn't come out in force for you. I don't want to imagine you sweeping through billowing clouds of the stuff on Billie.

    As far as suffering? Even people that don't suffer from allergies here are beginning to get scratchy throats and itchy eyes. It is bad and I don't wish it upon anyone!

    Let's hope all the sex comes to fruition and isn't killed off with high temps next month. :)

  10. Trobairitz, I actually had to look up the lyrics. I've never watched Grease 2. Way too funny. And, you are correct, totally appropriate. :)

    No, you would not like it out here right now. My dark, dark blue car is lime green. We are hoping for rain on Friday. Otherwise we are in serious trouble.

    I hope your snow doesn't wreak too much havoc on your spring...with stuff already blooming.

    And thankfully, I'm not suffering too bad right now. Knock on wood.

  11. Hi Bluekat! Thank You. Finally pulled the big camera out of storage and walked around the yard. Of course, my feet were yellow by the time I was ready to get back in the house...

    Sorry I didn't give a disclaimer! :)

  12. Tsk, Tsk, Bobskoot. Did you not pay attention in grade school biology? In case you missed the less obvious images. Try a gander at this one.

    Does that reveal it better?

  13. Sorry Raftnn. Send rain. I'll send warmer temps. :)

  14. Brady, Kelsie would be killing to get out of the area right now. I feel for her. People are work that don't normally suffer from allergies are starting to have a difficult time with throats and eyes. The people that do suffer regularly? They are staying home. No relief.

    As for you face melting off comment...you don't know how right you might be. Today was our 8th day in a row of temps over 80. In March?!?!

  15. Dear Jack,

    You made me smile. While I don't like to think that my little references could make you blush, I perked up at the mental image. ;)

    I hope to hell that you don't have a similar reaction to the grass pollen this year.

    I don't think there is any relief out to sea. So you can't escape by taking a life raft, a few bottles and a couple dinghy's (hehe) onto the open water.

  16. Hi RichardM. I said it to Bluekat, and I'll say it to you. Please send some of those temps my way! :)

    Wow...-20F. Hope the new vehicle doesn't have issues with the driveway, and you can make plenty of snow cones.

  17. Steel Cupcake:

    It was with great anticipation that I clicked on your link . . . as I thought I was going to be treated with a photo of your "Yellow" feet,

    it was only a bee on a pink flower

    Riding the Wet Coast