Sunday, November 15, 2009

Where in the World is BeemerGirl?

A local holiday dictated a present.  So Mr. Oilburner presented me with a neat little tracking device called SPOT.  This is an awesome little device for keeping total track of someone in the outdoors.  Or to allow someone in the outdoors to let family and friends know that all is well.

This little device essentially communicates with GPS satellites and lets the user choose an activity to perform: OK, Comment, Track, Help and 911.

The OK option will send a pre-written OK message to people defined in the recipient list with the current location coordinates.

The Comment option will send a different pre-written message to a different group of email address with the current location.

The Track option will send a message about every 10 minutes to my account.  If I desire to set it up I can create a web page that anyone can access and see where I am at any moment.  Or where I have been.

The Help option will send a message to my primary contacts letting them know that I need him and including my current location.

The 911 feature will immediately contact authorities for rescue services.

I can look at this in one of two ways.  Either it is a unit to be used to track my every move and my current whereabouts; being kept under The Man's thumb.  Or...I can share my journey with others and have a device that will ease Mr. Oilburner's concerns over my location.

I'll let you know which way it swings.  ;-)