Thursday, February 17, 2011

Trikes and Leather

I've been avoiding the motorcycle shows.  Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a situation where I was boycotting them or anything.  I'm just not big into crowds and will generally avoid getting myself into situations where I can make a fool of myself.  OK.  Fine.  A fool of myself when I am not expressly trying to.  Am I the only one to psych myself out when thinking of attending a function like this and just envision forgetting to put the kickstand down and knocking over a line of bikes like dominoes?  or stalling the bike as I try to make my clean escape, when everyone is watching me because my bike is that awesome and my butt looks damn hot on it?  Does anyone else worry about these things?

No?  I knew it.  I am a loser...  :)

And all y'all are liars...

OK.  I really don't think about those things as much anymore.  But I'm still not necessarily enthusiastic about attending because I don't want to spend any more money on gear that I don't need, or hopefully won't fit in, in a couple of months.  And I certainly don't want, and can't afford, another bike.  Also I just don't like the general public that much to be jostling for floor space and breathable air.

But...the hype has started.  It began with one of those moto-magazines that sometimes hitches a ride home from the market in my shopping bag.  The picture caught my eye.  Then the discussions at a coffee & chat with one of our groups started.  Turns out one of the guys has already put his money where his mouth was.  Then some blog buddies start bantering merits about.  Turns out one of them has also committed.  The situation escalates when Bobskoot and George F attend their respective motorcycle shows and start posting pictures and first impressions...

The Yamaha Super Ténéré

2012 Yamaha Super Ténéré.  Picture from web.

You guys don't have a heart...  :'(

Armed with a spark of excitement, and a sinking dread, knowing that this is going to be a bike I will wind up lusting after, I decided to attend our motorcycle show.  I am hoping to at least get a look and feel to see if my desire is warranted.

Mr. Oilburner and I initially plan on going early Saturday, hoping to avoid the worst of the crowds.  And we sit there Friday night discussing logistics of arrival, depature and post-show destination rides when I slap my forehead in wonderment.  Why are we sitting here when we could be at the show right now?!?  They are open for another 3 hours and this will free up all of Saturday for riding.  The new plan is executed.  And it satisfies my desire for no crowds.

The first booth after the entrance is the World of Wheels (WOW) display...hawking many BMW's and sports bikes.  They are a large seller of used bikes.  Nothing I am interested in, but promising...

But the next display is trike conversions.  OOookkkaaayyyy....


Unfortunately we have a friend that likes monstrosities like this.  But I don't find them terribly attractive.  We take pictures to remind ourselves of "the horror".  But then we see some of the options and suspension... Damn!!  Just get a Smart Car.  It would probably be cheaper.




Then we move into some of the retail stuff.  Mostly involving sewing patches onto leather jackets and obnoxious helmet stickers.


I see the Harley shirt display and snap this picture for RiePe.  My requisite hot chick shot for the evening.  Cuz this place is mostly crawling with scruffy, scuzzy, dirty, hairy guys in tight leather.  Not hairly in any good way, and the leather is tight in ALL the wrong places...  Use your imagination, because I wasn't taking a picture.


I came to this thing for two reasons: find those gloves made for heated grips (with one layer in the palms and dual layers on the back of the hand) and the Super Ténéré.  I start asking around for the gloves and no one understand the concept.  What?  Don't believe in winter riding or something?  Which leads me into why I think they don't believe in winter riding...  Beyond WOW's and Blue Moon's (BMW dealer) booths all this place has to offer is trikes!!!  Every corner we turn to traverse another isle of wares is geared towards trikes.  Trikes and leather...  That is all this show is catering to!


Trikes, leather and Harley "bad boy" and "bad girl" jewelry.

Double Pathetic!

I guess the Atlanta market is for a bunch of old foggies in tight leathers, long beards full of birds nests, wearing chains that jingle, crawling down the road on trikes.  But you better believe they had all of the accoutrement  to deck their backrests out in leather bustier that lifted and spread, above tiny, boy shorts with suggestive sayings plastered across their backsides, and more chains that snaked from the dog collar around the neck, to the piercings on the chest and down to the waist.  The guys could look like crap but the girls had to be drop dead least in these outfits. I mean, according to them, you can always put a bag over their head...

I just love the way female riders are being acknowledged in my area of the world.  Apparently the men here believe we aren't supposed to ride.  We just better look good.

But about that second reason for being here...  Yamaha isn't here... 

No Super Ténéré...  :(

What is this show coming to?  Vancouver and New York get hot bikes and great displays.  We get trikes and leather.

The saving grace comes from the vintage displays and custom builds.

So for all of my buddies out there, come ride the twisties, eat some great BBQ and enjoy Spring and Autumn.  Don't come for the motorcycle show.  And for all you guys that have laid your hands on the Yamaha, or even gotten to test ride one...Andrew aka the Rider...know that you are slowly killing a little girl inside.  I am pouting.  I hope you feel a small amount of remorse that I am languishing here.

Why is Mr. Oilburner laughing uncontrollably at that last paragraph??  ;)


  1. Great post Lori, you had me laughing , whick is a good thing for first thing on a Friday morning!

    I am also not sure on what the appeal is with trikes, perhaps just wannabe bike riders! Certainly something that I dont think I would ever get into.

    Bike shows over here can be very disappointing, you dont see anything that you carn't look at by spending a Saturday morning wondering around bike shops.

    Good stuff.

  2. Lori:

    at work sometimes I have to power read which I did for the first half but by doing so I only garnered, "HOT BUTTS, Loser may NOT fit in a few months". So I had to go back and read more closely. I really like the HOT BUTTS part but really . . . don't you think we should be the judge of that. You'll have to post up a few photos taken from ground level. If RiePE taught me one thing it's that you "don't get if you don't ask" .

    What do you mean won't fit, I thought something was coming, but then I re-read and you meant won't fit IN, NOT won't fit. So much for power reading, you lose too many words.

    I was settling in for your impressions on the S10 (Super Ten),but then they didn't show up. Just when I was filtering them out of my mind, here you popped the thought back into my mind again. Like GeorgeF with a one track mind I can still imagine myself riding one .

    it would appear that your show was like the one in Seattle, pathetic. Our show was filled with all the usual vendors. Next year you'll have to fly over and see it for yourselves.

    I don't know what it is with all these humungous trikes, might as well drive a Miata, more maneuverable and less expensive.

    Wet Coast Scootin

  3. It is unfortunate that the bike show was a bust especially after braving all the people. (we too avoid crowds when we can)

    I am surprised there was so much trike and leather related items. The Seattle show wasn't as big or as great as last year but at least the vendors weren't all directed at that particular crowd.

    Sorry you didn't get to see the Super Tenere. You'll just have to scout one out at another show.

    Thanks for sharing the pics of the older bikes though.

    Note to self - go play at the Vancouver show next year even though the crowds are bigger. Bobskoot and Sonja can lead the way.

  4. OMG, the dash on that blue thing looks like an old theater organ!

    I can get excited about sidecars. I'm still very intrigued by the Spyder, but these big old trikes aren't my cup of tea. I am in total agreement with you Lori.

    Another great post. By the way, I was laughing with Roger and Mr. Oilburner not at bob :)


  5. "I will wind up lusting after", ha ha, then head over to my Tumblr and check out 2 new videos I found, you will love them ;-) Sorry you didn't have a chance to see it.
    Nice post, that blue bike looks like the bridge on Star trek :-)
    I love the cream scooter :-) maybe I should get one for my wife, ha ha

  6. I was wondering if you were ever going to write about your visit to the Atlanta motorcycle show. I don't feel so bad about going through Atlanta and not getting to spend the time to go to the show after hearing your report.

    I guess I don't quite get the attraction of a trike either. The sidecars make sense to me. Maybe just because it still looks like a bike.


  7. Dear Steel Cupcake/Lori:

    This is the second post in which you have mentioned something about a hot butt. I suspect the jackals sare beginning to take notice.

    Motorcycle shows are great when you have a surplus of money, and they have exactly what you want. Other than that, they can be a let-down. As to the subject of trikes, I may someday be forced onto one, when I am too crippled t swing these weretched legs around. When tha day comes, it will be a BMW LT with a Hannigan conversion.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  8. PS: Thanks for the RiePe shot. I'm assuming you didn't buy those stockings?


  9. Raftnn..I will messes with my head when you insist it is a day after my current one. ;-) Your calendar is too fast. But I am glad you had a laugh on YOUR Friday morning. Yeah...I dont think I will be going to many more. Internet buying is easier.


  10. Hi bobskoot...all I saw in you response was "Lori...power...BUTT...NOT". Hurt my feelings, then I wanted to cry. But I reread it and saw that you wanted to judge a Hot Butt contest? I must be missing something. ;-)

    Did you check out those videos GeorgeF posted? I might need to go up there and steal his bike when he gets his. And I also know two people in my circle here in Atlanta that have put their money down.

    Here's to more riding and fewer motorcycle shows in the coming months!! Hope your weather warms up soon!


  11. Hi Trobairitz,

    I look at it as a depressing evening wondering what the handbasket looks like that the world is being carted off in. :) Or...I guess I didn't need anything anyway. LOL.

    Note to self two: definite reminder to let SonjaM and Bobskoot lead us around the show. hehe


  12. Hi Keith!

    LOL. I hadn't thought of a theater organ. It reminded me of the cockpit of an airplane.

    I do understand there are people that definitely benefit from trikes, like paralysis or medical necessity. I don't know. I don't want to be a snob...but...when people just ride them so they don't have to balance a bike...or more storage space...

    So...not laughing at me? :)


  13. Hi GeorgeF,

    So you didn't get that I was upset in the first place that you send me to view two videos to upset me some more?? ;) hehehe

    Yes, those videos are great. Mr. Oilburner was getting interested too.

    The scooter was for sale...


  14. Hi RichardM!

    Yeah...can you see why I was putting off the write up. T'warnt nothing special.

    I know trikes can be a benefit to some. But the sheer number at this show makes me think that many people in this area are getting lazy. :)

    Sidecars would be interesting... Ural's? Powered sidecar wheel?? Could work well in the snow? ;)


  15. Hi Jack,

    LOL. Hot's only important that Mr. Oilburner finds it hot. If I say it enough I might convince myself. :)

    An LT conversion would be interesting! Not many BMW's get conversions. But have a legitimate reason for a trike. Scuzzy, hairy guys here just don't want to have to balance while they sip their suds.

    No, didn't buy the stockings. Didn't need a second pair. ;) And they go well with the riding crop...

    -Lori/Steel Cupcake

  16. I'll pass on the trikes also. However, on a ride through Colorado I did run into a Vet on a trike. He had lost the use of his legs in southeast asia.. A very nice, very independant man. I was humbled by his fortitude.

  17. I'm in love with your writing style! Your photography work is exciting. It's so difficult to get the right color lighting indoors. You did well, and I have enjoyed the work you've put into writing the story and the exhibit of the photography. This is a must see blog, and I'll be adding a link for others to learn about you!

  18. Hi Lori I enjoyed reading that, and the photos - must agree with you on trikes, I don't see the point although one can appreciate the work that goes into them I prefer to carve the twisties rather than drive through them! Thanks for the link to my blog!!!

  19. Some interesting bikes there! I would ride the big trike over a smart car, if that's what it took to keep me on the road and in the open air. Hopefully that day will never come. That cockpit is wicked skeery!

    I agree the vintage/custom scene is always a pleasure to see.

  20. Apart from the seeing Tenere, the occasional old bike and sometimes fleeting glimpses of scantily clad women who struggle telling the difference between baby oil and 20/50, has anyone enjoyed a bike show so far this year? It seems not. It is a bit worrying that bike show organisers can't provide what people seem to need and want. I'm off to the London custom bike show this weekend in an attempt to regain my faith in looking at bikes once more.

  21. I apologize for the delay in responses!

    @Ken: That is fantastic that the Vet was on a bike, trike or anything! I'm glad he was out. That is exactly how I do like to see trikes used. I watched in fascination the Tuttles build a trike for someone that had lost the use of his legs.

    I have a buddy here that knows something that added a sidecar to his Goldwing. The sidecar rear folds down into a ramp that he can drive his wheelchair up. The difficulty people have is that the controls are in the sidecar and the gentleman's dog rides on the seat of the wing. :)

    What a sight!


  22. Hi Chessie!

    I sent you a PM from your site, but not really sure if you received it. Thanks for visiting my sight and your kind words. It is always nice to know that people like your work...and I have some of the best blog buddies around that give great advice and support. Welcome to my circle! And Thank You.


  23. Hi Rider!

    You could carve the twisties on a trike. I don't think it is going to be to your liking though when you are attempting to carve the cliff wall with your face. But I don't think that is the "carving" that you were referring to? :)

    I haven't checked, but someone was trying to tease me and say the Tenere was at the Greenville show last weekend that I boycotted. I'm not gonna look... I'm not gonna look. LOL.


  24. HI Bluekat,

    No little convertible SmartCar? ;) Open air... windshield about the same size... better handling... HEHE!! Just kidding. I'm sure one day I will be eating my snobbery. Hopefully it won't be for a very, very, very, very long time.

    Yes, that cockpit was quite overwhelming. I don't think I have seen that many buttons, levers and switches outside of an airplane!

    Did you see the blue and white vintage looking Harley in the photos? Might have to go to Flickr. And that great little bumper car?!?


  25. Hi Gary!

    Your words of wisdom inspired me not to give in and go to the Greenville Show. Though I hear from people that did go that it was much better than the Atlanta one.

    I would venture to say that only Bobskoot and George enjoyed a show they attended. And that was ONLY due to the Tenere. :)

    How was the London show?? Need pictures of some gorgeous customs!