Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello 2011!!

Goodbye 2010

MMX flew by entirely too fast.  So many things took place...but most of them seem fairly small and almost trivial.  Compared to so many other people who have had some crazy ups or downs, ours has been fairly even keeled.  There was one horrible down...but it is just a part of life.  Otherwise, we have been fortunate for what we have and not wanting for anything.  (Except a better economy.  And World Peace.  :) )

If anyone follows Photojojo's newsletter (subscribe by RSS feed), a couple days ago they showcased Pummel Vision software (link to the Photojojo blogpost).  This app will crawl through all the images of your Flickr, Facebook or Tumblr account and create this spectacular video to host to your Vimeo or YouTube account.  It is a very interesting way to see all your imagery with subliminal message type rapidity.  It does make me realize that I love my photography, but need more closeups and people shots.  I was also struck with the fact that even though I took hundreds of images on most trips I only have 485 for 2010 on my Flickr account.  That makes my video relatively short.  And since I have only posted images for 2010, then this could be a reflection of my year on our motorcycle jaunts.

Maybe you would be willing to share yours? 

I like the app well enough, but find it could be improved in a couple of ways.  1) Let the user select images to be included by tags.  It currently just grabs them all.  I have a number of friends on Flickr that have 20,000+ images that span 3+ years.  It would be nice to have the ability to just select images taken a certain year, or images with a common tag.  2) Cannot change the music.  While I do like the music, I can now see thousands of other people creating these videos, all with the exact same music!  :)

For awhile I gave it some thought that the new and improved Windows Live Movie Maker has added a speed option and I could probably achieve a similar effect.  However, this is where I realized a major problem that I have by capturing most of my images in RAW (CR2) format.  I would have to go back through thousands of images and convert them.  Ain't gonna happen.  :)

So...I hope you can look back on your MMX and find that it had more ups than downs, goods than bads.  You are a stronger person for everything that has happened to you over the past year and just puts you on a strong footing to tackle everything that comes your way in MMXI.

Hello 2011

If sometimes you click through your photographs and wax nostalgic...think about something that will make them a little more visible.  I made a motorcycle calendar to give me something to drool over when I can't be on my bike. 




This is the second year I have made calendars to showcase the motorcycles.  Both times I have used Zazzle and have been fairly impressed by them.  The paper stock is nice and thick.  So this doesn't feel like those freebie calendars business have made up in bulk.  This year I am much more impressed with the color of the imagery.  Last year wasn't horrible, but the printing process itself left streaks across my skies.  And this year the stock is more of a glossy paper, giving more color and depth.  Last year was kinda between satin and semi-gloss and seemed to mute the colors.

So go through some of your imagery and put together a calendar.  It can help jump start the day dreams of sunshine and twisty roads while you are currently sitting in snow and freezing temperatures.

Mr. Oilburner's calendar hangs in his cube, prompting the local wolves to stop by when it is time to flip the page, and has them oohing and aahing at his adventures.  It will make people jealous of the places you have been and sights you have seen.

Happy New Year!!

I want to tell my family that I love them and appreciate you for putting up with me over the last year.  It is difficult to be so far away from those that I love and haven't seen for so long.  Just know that I am given you many mental hugs and kisses.

I wish to tell my friends that I deeply appreciate you, allowing me to share my highs and lows and letting me to help with yours.  You put up with my crabbiness and mood swings. Hopefully I am able to repay you in kind by being there when you need me and offering words of encouragement when you need them.  This goes to my local, face-to-face friends as well as my kindred spirit blog friends.  I have learned so much from your stories and advice.  Thank you for sharing and allowing me to follow along on the journey.

I must thank my partner in crime, Mr. Oilburner, and tell him how much I love him.  You have given me so much encouragement, even when I do bit the hand that feeds me.  You teach me so much, let's just hope some of it sticks.  :)  Thank you for walking along beside me.  Or racing down the road...I can see the grin through the full face helmet.

Have a Happy New Year!  I know some of you have already passed that magical marker.  And others are a couple hours behind.  Be safe.  Be merry.  I wish great things to pass in the coming year.  And I look forward to sharing them with you.


  1. Lori/BeemerGirl:

    This sounds like an acceptance speech for the Oscars.

    I too am thankful for our internet friends who form our community, where we can share our photos and thoughts with the thought that one day, our paths will cross

    have a very Happy New Year

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. A very nice post!
    +1 to what Bob said.

    Happy New Year!


  3. Lori, nice post indeed. The calendar is a great idea. I will make sure to gather enough pictures in 2011 to make it worthwhile creating my own for next year.
    Happ New Riding Year!!!

  4. Lori,
    Thanks for all the comments you've made on my Blog during the year. It is an amazing village of folks that ride and blog and share. I love visiting your blog and going along on your rides.

    I wish you a joyful and prosperous New Year.


  5. Happy New Year to you and yours

  6. Batch-process out all of your cr2's (half of them in one batch, the other half in another batch, so that it'll use 2 processors to do the work). Yeah, your computer will be tied up with rendering out for a week, but so what?

    Sometimes the hand that feeds you deserves biting... particularly if you judge by the road-food it's holding. ;)

  7. Lori - a terrific post! I got dizzy trying to watch your pictures so fast on the video, so for me it was exciting but a little too quick. The calendars are really good. Thank you for your comments on my blog on 2010. Happy New Year!

  8. Hi Bobskoot! Thank you. Thank you. So...where is my Oscar? ::smirk:: I'm am glad of our blogging community. Glad that a few of you on the We(s)t Coast can get together. And terribly jealous. LOL.

    Hi RichardM My first chance to meet a blog buddy!! Happy New Year. Hope your bike comes back together better than new and I get a chance to see it in action.

    Hi SonjaM What are you saying?? You already have enough phenomenal imagery from this year to make 10 calendars with different images! Get to it and post some pictures for us to see. Happy New Year and happy trails to you too! Looking forward to more of your adventures. :)

  9. Hi Circle Blue/Keith And thank you for all of your uplifting comments on my blog as well. It is great of you to open up yourself to the world with what you are going through. I am glad that you enjoy my adventures and look forward to sharing more! Hope you can come along!

    Hi Baron's Life Thank You! Happy New Year and Happy Trails to you as well.

    Hi David Great idea. But that is presupposing that I actually want all of my cr2's. :) Happy New Year!

    Hi Gary Mr. Oilburner agrees that the images are a little too fast. Another issue with PummelVision. I found that .2 seconds in my own program was a little easier on the eyes. Hmmm...Might be an interesting experience with your images. Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog while on your journey's. I thank you for taking me along on yours. Hope your New Year is wonderful with many more excellent adventures!

  10. Happy and safe 2011 to You and Mr Oilburner (he likes 2 strokes??).


    I'm still recovering from vertigo watching 20,000 images in 30 seconds but nice!

  11. Dear Lori:

    Happy New Year!!!

    The calendar idea is a great way to remember the past year. And your pictures are great too. Bobskoot is right... Your post did read like an Academy Award acceptance speech. But that was good too.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  12. Hi Nikos! Mr. Oilburner did/does enjoy the Harley bikes. But he was converted to the marquee last year. ::wink::

    I'm sorry to dazzle you with the video. I agree, it is too fast for comprehending the images. But the seizure was worth it for me. LOL


  13. Hi Jack!

    I am a my own mind. I must thank my! That's it, friends.

    Glad you like the calendar. I think some of your images would look good in your own calendar.

    Take Care!