Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 3 - Atlanska

I thought it might be easier, and more entertaining, to give an update to everyone's comments.  :)  So you can see how unaccustomed Atlanta is to receiving snow.

RichardM said... Very pretty. I didn't think Atlanta ever got more than a dusting of snow. I think I would head for the mountains as it's supposed to snow up there. Maybe the drivers would be a bit more sane. Maybe dig a snow cave...

The cycle is generally about every seven years Atlanta will get hit with a good snow or ice storm.  We have been lucky to have two years in a row.  Though Feb 2010 came in with a freakish 4 inches and beautiful blue skies that next day had melted it all by 2 pm.

This time the temperatures dropped even more after the storm passed.  So nothing is melting!

Remember, this is Atlanta...  I wouldn't expect much more of the drivers in the mountains either.  :)  I do like the snow cave idea...

Circle Blue said... Love the title of the post :)

You may have more snow than we do, but we're working on catching up. It's been snowing since mid-afternoon. The forecast was for 4 to 6 inches, but I don't think we will get that much, more like 2 to 4in.

Have you caught up yet?  I know the storm headed NE...but I don't think it would have hit you.  I wish we could figure out a way to ship all this up to you.  ;)  Atlanta just is not equipped to deal with this.  It has handled this type of situation better, but it has also handled it worse.  So I'm not complaining too much this time around.

bobskoot said... I was going to gloat . . . but now we have a snow warning for a bit tonight and more for Tuesday night. Right now it is clear, cold and the roads are frosty.

It must be the global warming thing again

HA! Sharing in the joy of winter.  You need the bad so you can appreciate the GOOD!!  At least that is what I keep telling myself with these damn roads.  I do hope you are faring better.

SonjaM said...Is it normal for Atlanta to get that much snow? I thought the weather over there would be a bit milder. Well, it looks pretty, though. A good reason to watch 'Long way...' Hang in there!

Not normal on a yearly basis.  But definitely not unexpected every seventh year or so. Our winters usually are milder.  A couple weeks of freezing temps.  Maybe a dusting of snow every once in awhile, that doesn't stick.  It does look pretty, but the freezing rain that came in right after the snow has created this hard crust on everything and makes it impossible to walk on or play with.  Not a properly made snowball can be had.  :)

'Long Way...' was such a mistake.  Wanderlust...


Raftnn said...Bummer about the weather hopefully it will improve soon for you.....i do genuinely feel for you guys over there.

Thanks Roger.  Just keep your pictures and ride reports coming to give us Northern Hemisphere folks a taste of the summer that we long for.  I've read that Queensland is suffering from severe flooding and think of the rains you encountered during your holidays.  I hope your summer continues on easily.

Jonesy said... No fair! Hundreds of miles North of you and we get a lousy inch? Wife did get a snow day though. :)

Take it!  Please, please take it!  LOL.  I'm glad that your wife did get a snow day out of it.  Some companies here managed 2 and 3.  :)

Trobairitz said... Stuck inside and watching Long Way Round and Long Way Down with hubby.... I can't think of a better way to spend a snow day. Good choice.

Hope your snow melts soon so you can get out and ride. Do they use a lot of gravel out there? That is all they seem to use on the frosty roads here. 

The "Long Way" series were enjoyable...but just made the desire to travel that much worse...  Arrgh!!  Stuck indoors!!  Monday was bad.  Tuesday was worse with the freezing rain and night time temps making the snow stick to the asphalt.  Wednesday was worse because what little roadway melt did occur just froze into sold sheets of ice across the road.  Temps dipping down to 13F at night is not helping our roadways.

They are using gravel on the roads here.  However, the interstates are getting most, if not all, of the attention.  The rarity of this much snow, and the economic situation, has caused cutbacks.  The interstates are getting the most attention, and they only had one lane cleared for two days of work.  Primary roads in my area still only have tire ruts in one lane.  Forget about the secondary and tertiary roads.  Ice.  Ice.  Ice.  They deigned to spread some gravel on some of the worst hills and curves.  But not nearly enough of them.


bluekat said... Snow sure makes everything look so pretty, but I still say it belongs in the mountains. :)

You are correct.  It was pretty.  Now it is just hard, cold, icy and in the way!  :)

irondad said... What? No hot chocolate? We just got hooked on peppermint hot chocolate from Trader Joe's. What a mistake.

Interesting lighting on a couple of the photos. Very intriguing.

OOhhh!!  Peppermint Hot Chocolate!!  Keep it as a winter time vice and don't feel guilty!  Such a small little sin.  :)  Glad you like the photos.  So hard to catch the snow falling.  Either sudden flash or unintelligible streaks...


Rob R Robinson said... Atlanta in snow and ice - like one big bumper car rink! I'm glad you opted for staying off the roads, definitely safer. Are you still enjoying time off or getting cabin fever already? From what I have heard, the cold temps have stuck around.The snow must have been coming down fast and furious to get those first couple of photos and have 2 inches of snow in an hour.Stay warm and safe.

That is exactly right!!  We just didn't see much progress in clearing the roads in three days of work!  On the flip side, people mostly heeded the warnings and did stay off the road.  It helped when most companies declared snow day on Monday.  We dearly wanted to go into the mountains.  Unfortunately Oilburner continued to sleep in until 10.  I didn't think we had the time to get to the mountains and back in safety, going 25 mph.  It would have taken 3 hours one way!  Yes, the colder temps actually came the day after the snows.  So we are getting evening temps down to 13F.  Wreaking havoc on the roads.  Be glad your area handles snow better.  Doesn't it?  ;)

David T. Macknet said...Gah! We just got rid of (most of) ours. Hope you've got snow-cleats!

I'm glad your area is clearing up.  Three weeks is much too much.  Luckily ours won't stick around that long.  But the city isn't moving too fast until about 10 or later.  People are trying to let the roads warm up a bit.  But they are beginning to get reckless now as they are antsy.  No snow-cleats.  But they definitely would have been helpful.  Parking lots are sheets of ice...with water underneath.  But the ice doesn't break!!  Just slippery all the way around.

I managed to escape work yesterday because the roads were horrendous and people were spinning tires getting out of our neighborhood.  I tried going to work today, despite all of the ice across the roads.  But I did make Mr. Oilburner drive me in.  No way was I going to be responsible for this mess!  LOL.  He called me about 3 hours after dropping me off to tell me that he hadn't been able to get home yet.  People were spun out on the roads in all of the dips in the roadway that were still covered in ice.  He was wondering if I was willing to go home early since he wasn't going to want to venture out again.  No Problem!!

Thank you all for writing in and giving motorbike longing support.  I hope you are all enjoying better weather and doing well!  I've posted a few more photos of my morning commute on Flickr.


  1. I was wondering how you folks were dealing with the snow. The ice from the freezing rain looks pretty grim. If the temperatures get down to about -15°F, the ice will get pretty sticky. Then it's almost the same as bare pavement. I read that there is snow in 49 states now. The only snow-free state is Florida.


  2. Lori/Beemergirl:

    I can't help but notice that you have a YJ ? I used to have one and every year I was praying for snow but it never happened until I sold it . i had some white knuckle experiences with it in the mountains.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  3. Did you lori, THat I have never been to the snow, not even touched it. on the other hand I know many north americans that have never been to the beach. I love your photos they are quite amazing.

  4. May warmer weather return soon!

    Atlanska...just ain't right! :)

    Brrr. I have to go have some hot cocoa now...

  5. We heard the same statistic yesterday about there being snow in 49 of the 50 states. Kick ain't it? I wouldn't shake a stick at Florida getting frost, but don't think their highest elevation at 200 ft is getting much snow. :)

    Did not know that about low temps and ice. But I think people here would curl up and die if it went down to -15F. But it would allow the Mario Andretti's of this place continue on with their speeding.


  6. Hi Bobskoot!

    Now how in the world did you identify the YJ from just the fender?? You are good!

    I'm sorry you never got to play in the snow with yours. But if you ever took it into some good, slick mud you'll get an idea of the handling.


  7. Hi Raftnn,

    Never been to snow?? Plenty of snow to go to on the islands. So what is the excuse? I think that should be your you can better understand what we are going through over here. ;) Just don't ride the bike on the snow!!

    And I can believe many North Americans not having seen the ocean. Large continent and some people without an interest in travel. But so hard to imagine not wanting to see the ocean. Especially coming from someone that lives on an island! LOL


  8. HI Bluekat!

    You are 100% correct. Today was thermometorically (yes, not a word...) warmer than yesterday...but it felt so much colder!! Hopefully 50's this weekend and rain on Monday will wash it all away.

    How was the cocoa?


  9. Hi David!

    Yeah, telecommuting is great...if you can actually buckle down enough to strong arm yourself to sit down and do the work. I'm just not that into it right now to have the discipline to do that. ;-)


  10. Dear Beemer Girl (Lori):

    As I said to Allen Madding, part of the problem is the infrequency of ice and snow in Atlanta, as compared to the cost of maintaining a fleet of vehicles to handle the problem. Without actually having any knowledge as to how the city handles it, I think a more comprehensive plan incorporating equipment from private contractors is called for.

    The other great challenge is all the jerks in 4wd units who are out there attempting to wreck their car and yours. Having lived in Lake Placid, New York, for 18 years, I can tell you that those people don't even blink at a foot of snow. In fact, they pray for it as it is good for the ski slopes and overtime.

    Well, it's a major inconvenience now... But as you said, it will be over in another week or so.

    Your riding season will start two months before mine.

    Findest regarsd,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  11. I might be able to get out of my circle tomorrow.... snow stinks!

  12. Lori, beautiful pictures ;-) but please hold the snow storm down there, we don't need it traveling up the east coast grabbing the moisture of the ocean and then dumping it in the NJ/NY area. I am seriously considering migrating south :-)

  13. I have heard Atlanta being called Hotalanta before, but never Atlanska! It wasn't that long ago you held the summer Olympics, but you could make a bid for the winter Games now!