Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Moose on the Loose

Tttttttiiiiiiiimmmeeeee is not on my side. No it isn't.

It just seems that we haven't had any time to breathe lately. No stopping and smelling the roses, rather pushing forward to fulfill our many responsibilities and obligations. Between work and family and household chores we have been kept busy.

Over the past month we have driven to Ohio (and I have yet to explain that one to you, dear reader). Spent countless hours working on the bikes; installing flashing lights, waterproof power buttons, miles of wire, antennas for radios (amateur radios, also called HAM), everything for attention and communication for the annual Cox Multiple Sclerosis 150 ride in Callaway Gardens. Flown to CA. All while twisting the requirements of work between those spokes of our real lives.

The Multiple Sclerosis event occurred last weekend, Sept 15-16. We rode down on Friday, the better to prepare for that 6 AM duty start time. And we rode the last bicyclist across the finish line at 6:20 PM on Saturday. Same start time the next morning had us packing for home around 2. It was a long, wonderfully rewarding weekend, where the weather was fairly complimentary this year.

We returned to work sore and early Monday, looking at a three day work week since we were flying to CA for an important birthday party. That meant three days of prepping my notes and computers for someone else to try and pick up the fragments of my shattered thoughts and attempt to do my work for three days. Ordinarily not a problem, but since the layoffs and subsequent attrition, fewer people to do all the work doesn't make it easy for any of us. And all of the "emergency" hot fixes to the production environment have to go through me, someone has some mighty difficulty shoes to fill with their own workload thrown in. Good thing this CA trip was approved months ago.

My photography itch has left me for awhile. I just haven't had the oomph to get the cameras out and do anything creative. So the little point and shot was the only one traveling with me this weekend. Another passenger to carry along is Moose.

Moose is a shy, quiet little guy that hitched a ride with us from Bar Harbor, Maine. He was intended to be adopted by someone else, but preferred our company instead. So he has begun traveling with us. I handed Moose the camera this weekend. I still wasn't in the mood to be creative. So here are some of Moose's pictures from his first trip to California.

Moose is a Nerd, packs light, but all electronics

The size and commotion of the airport has Moose a little shy.

Moose's first look at airplanes.

Moose safely belted in.

Excitedly watching the ground movement, packing luggage and fueling planes.

Uh oh!! LIFTOFF!!

Is that what Atlanta looks like from the AIR?!?!?

We're going how far??

OK. Time to get some sleep for such a long trip.

Wow! Sure are a lot of people living in L.A.

Wait!! This landmark looks so familiar! I know! That's the building on that Dragnet show that Oilburner watches.


Such a long and busy day...some relaxation is necessary. Not posting pictures of the bubble bath for discretionary reasons... (a drunk Moose in a bubble bath is quite a sight)

Early morning stroll along Big Bear Lake.

Aww...cute little duck is afraid of Moose!

Breakfast!! Donuts from a great little local bakery.

Hitting the road back to L.A. Difficult driving directly into the sun.

Need a little roughage to soak up the liquor and sugar.

A little more exercise hiking in the mountains.

The pine cones grow big out here. Not like the puny ones at home.

The pretty mountains. Breathing in some fresh air.

San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant

So that is what smog looks like...

Moose was even able to glimpse the last flight of the shuttle Endeavour...

Shutter hoof wasn't fast enough and kept catching the shuttle in trees and buildings and wires.

Unfortunately, something happened and the camera couldn't focus anymore. No more shots from the weekend... Moose did enjoy the parties and visiting with family. Got a little more sugar high from birthday cake. But was very glad to return home to his own bed and cooler autumn weather that is rolling into North Georgia.



  1. It's good to have a moose in the hoose.

    Also pleased to see NASA still flying!!


    1. You are mostly certainly correct! A moose is excellent to have around the hoose. Except for the droppings. ;)

      Unfortunately, that was its last flight before being retired to the California Science Museum. :(. All shuttles officially retired now. Boohoo.

  2. Sorry that we missed you when you were here, but we're not really in a place to travel down that way until we get settled.

    Fun narrative!

    1. David, we were saddened to have missed you. Completely understand about the topsy turvy and really hope that gets settled soon. It was way too far a drive from where you are. :( Soon.

  3. Lori:

    I love Moose ! He sure got to see lots of new things on this trip.
    welcome home, and get some rest

    Riding the Wet Coast
    My Flickr // My YouTube

    1. He's probably one of the most traveled Moose's around! He is quite the party animal and was fun to have around. :)

  4. Beautiful pictures! Love the moose.

    1. Thank you Pam! We love moose too. I just couldn't give him away after I started looking at his face. Hehe

  5. Lori,
    Awesome post and photos - thanks so much for introducing us to Moose!

    Would hate to get hit by one of those pinecones!

    1. Thanks Geoff! I think Moose had fun. And he likes being a published celebrity now. Hehe

      Aren't those pine cones huge?!?! Prickly too. We took that one home and it disintegrated in the suitcase.

  6. I think Moose has a very creative eye...

    1. Thanks Rog! Moose has been good to have around.

  7. I can relate to the photography slump. Must be something in the air.

    lol Moose in the windshield. Reminds me of our dog who has to have her nose planted on the glass. Very cool that Moose got to see the shuttle!

    1. Bluekat, I hope you get over yours soon too. I was doing good...until the camera broke. Ironic.

      Aaahhh...I can just imagine your pup with her nose planted to the glass. One of ours was that way too. She stiffed so hard her eyes would roll back in her head!

      I wish Moose had been able to see the shuttle lift off. It was great to see it, but too bad it was its last flight. :(

  8. I wondered why so many Moose where coming to our door. BRW thought I'd perhaps frightened some young one, resulting in these visits. Finally got to talk to a few...... they wanted to be sure that Moose was in good hands. So, thanks for the pictures. I can't wait to share them with the Moose community! They'll be so happy to learn that not only is Moose in good hands, but that the fun is never ending!!

    1. Mike! I'm so sorry! I guess the other moose didn't see the message that we had left that Moose was coming home with us. Thank you for filling them in on the details and that Moose is doing well. He is quite spoiled, you know. :)

  9. And here you said you didn't take many pictures. Very clever taking moose along. He looks like a chocolate moose too, yumm.

    Looking forward to seeing more of him.

    Hope your work is settling down for you. When I take a day off I have no one to do my work. I walked in to 246 emails and 15 voice mails yesterday. But I won't complain since it was worth the mid-week day off.

    1. Trobairitz...chocolate moose or mousse? Where is your mind? hehehe

      He was great fun to have along on the trip and gave us many laughs. I think he will be joining in the fun for awhile.

      I'm so glad you were able to take the day off. I too am just about the only person in my office that can do my job. But basically because they laid everyone else off. So I don't feel sorry for them at all.

  10. Nice story with the travelling moose. I haven't been up to Big Bear in probably 35 years. I had almost completely forgotten about it. It looks like the moose had a great trip though having to deal with a drunk moose was probably a pain. Thanks for allowing us to tag along...

    1. Richard, it astounds me where all you have been! I hadn't been up there in about 15. It doesn't appear to have changed too much. So it was very nice to see the area. Would have been more fun if we had an off-road vehicle to visit our "dating" grounds. We crawled all over those mountain roads when we were younger!

      Yes, a drunk moose was wild, but the bubble bath calmed him down. :)