Sunday, April 22, 2012

Highway Fines

Unfortunately some people can't seem to be responsible and dispose of their waste in a reasonable and adult manner.

No. They have to take their crap to the nearest uninhabited, or merely unlit, road and quickly offload. Therefore I agree with trying to curtail activities like this along beautiful back roads.

But seriously...would you call this a highway??


  1. It might have been a highway back in the day but it doesn't look like a modern day highway. They maybe should have said 'roadway'.

    I agree with the high fines though. People need to just pay the disposal fees.

  2. Looks like a highway to me. The Cambell Highway in the Yukon Territory looks a lot rougher and narrower than that.

  3. SteelCupCake:

    that road looks very inviting . . . If I had my strom there I would certainly go down that road.

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  4. Hmmm looks like an oldfashioned horse & buggy highway.