Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby's Got a New Pair of Shoes

Hi Everyone!  I apologize for being out of communication.  I'm smack dab in the middle of one of those "5 most stressful" times in my life.  Don't worry.  It's all good, just stressful.  But I suddenly find myself with almost a week off and wondering what to do with my time.  It isn't too hard to wonder just what I am going to do when Mr. Oilburner is pushing me out of the house to go for a nice, relaxing ride.

So I am.

However!  Baby's tires were a little lacking.  Mr. Oilburner ordered a set of the Michelin Pilot Road 3's.  The tires that he covets for his bike, but weren't available when he needed replacements.  He hates how the front tire is wearing on my bike with the RoadSmart 2's.  So upgrade it is.



All shoed up now and ready to go.  Now just need to decide where the adventure is going to take me.  :)

I might try to write from the road.  But I might also use the time to de-stress and relax.  I hope your weekends will prove fruitful and thoroughly enjoyable!  Thank you for bearing with my absence.

-Steel Cupcake


  1. Don't push it. If you need to relax, do it, and don't feel obliged to post anything. Where ever the road will take you ride safely, and enjoy every single bit of it, rain or shine. The new tires are certainly a good way to start the riding season.

  2. Ooh, new tires. New chicken strips to wear off.
    Go for a ride, forget about stress, posts and pics, and just ride to your heart's content! :)

  3. Lori

    You need to rub your exhaust pipes with some of that magic stainless steel enhancer - its name escapes me - I need to use it to!


  4. You enjoy your ride now, some of us need to work and keep the wrold economy moving!

  5. Steel Cupcake:

    ride to your heart's desire. Flow and lean into the wind. dazzle us with photos of exotic places, twisties and scenic beauty. cleanse your mind and recharge your batteries.

    enjoy your new tires the way they were meant to perform, and see you when you get back

    Riding the Wet Coast

  6. Wow, a week long road trip. Enough time to break in a new set of tires. Have fun (and take pictures)!


  7. Lori,
    I love new tires. Reminds me of being a kid and getting that new pair of Keds! Suddenly you are able to leap tall buildings. Have a good time on the road and make some memories.

  8. Hi Lori,
    hope that you've had a great road trip in equally great weather. What are your initial impressions of the new tyres?

  9. Dear Steel Cupcake:

    New tires are like the beginning of a new realtionship... In that you are tempted to do all the things you missed as a teenager. And even when the rubber is worn and shot, you look at it as a source of great memories, thinking, "I'm gonna try that again."

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads