Thursday, December 17, 2009 that is cold!!

Mr. Oilburner hasn't been able to really take the new bike out.  We put about 50 miles on it Friday, but nothing since then.  The weather has either been rainy or COLD!  But we really had to see the motorcycle group one last time before Christmas and give well wishes to everyone.  So even though he made it home first and had already changed into his "lounging" clothes I figured this was one time I would have to push and make it happen.

Did I tell you it was cold??  40 degrees cold!  We ate a quick dinner at home since I was starving and to give traffic time to die down.  We hit the road at 7:30, a little late but nothing unusual for us.  The destination was completely new and in the Buckhead district.  Which doesn't mean much to anyone that doesn't know Atlanta.  But Buckhead used to be "the happening" area where the rich and beautiful went out to play and cruise and look beautiful for everyone.  Talk about traffic and congestion.  That perception is changing a little as the financiers try to take the city back and are slowly closing the bars and restaurants down.  But there are still some interesting places to go.

So we hop on the bikes and head down the freeway.  Deal with a couple really annoying issues with my helmet communicator refusing to work properly, my GPS refusing to take us on the freeway and Mr. Oilburners GPS with no backlight.  What fun!  All issues aside we still manage to not find the place.  As previously stated there is always something going on and someone was handy to give us directions.

Oh.  Have I forgotten to mention that this is Mr Oilburners SECOND time on the bike?  After passing the semi's he enjoyed opening it up and hitting 75 mph in a 55 zone.  I'm comfortable enough at that speed but my fingers were freezing!  Remember, it was cold!!

The thermometer hit 35.6 as the all time low on the ride home at eleven though it mostly hovered at 40 on the freeway.

Would you believe that I still decided to hop on the bike today and run some errands?  Since I wasn't going to ride it down to Savannah this weekend.  (80% chance rain tomorrow.)  And yes, I did notice the frost on everything this morning.

Did I mention it was cold yet?  :-)  At least I waited until a reasonable hour. And this time I took my winter gloves.  Though I didn't wear them immediately.  I have been torturing myself and not wearing them because they are big and bulky and I haven't tried them on with my new winter jacket (that is a little long in the arms and bulky itself).  Wow.  Talk about Stay Puft Marshmallow woman.  I relented and put them on for the freeway ride home, it was going to be 40 miles.  And given that I just about froze my thumb off last night with 20 miles...

Even though it was COLD it was great being out.  And there were actually a few other crazy people out and about on their bikes too.  We reveled in our camaraderie.  But I did feel really bad for the guy that didn't have a windshield and was bent low hugging his tank, riding as fast as he could to get home and get out of this COLD!

Be safe out there and enjoy it.  It will be high summer with humidity and we will be complaining about the heat soon enough.

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