Sunday, January 24, 2010

Making New Friends

Here I have owned a BMW for over a year but have procrastinated on joining the BMW Motorcycle Owners group of Georgia.  I haven't really researched what the group does or what it is for, so I haven't exactly been gung-ho.  Look at Mr. Oilburner though, who had owned his BMW for 2 days, is already a paid member.  He informs me that he has signed us up to attend a dinner with the BMW Motorcycle Owners of Georgia on Saturday. 

Saturday (yesterday) rolls around and we are trying to answer the all-important question: to ride or to drive?  The dinner is about 30 interstate miles away with 70% chance of rain.  But these are hard-core BMW owners!  Are they going to let a little darkness and rain stop them from riding?  What if we drive while everyone else rides?  We will never be able to live it down.

We suit up and prep and the drizzle starts in, two hours early.  No problem since there is still daylight and the drizzle is light.  We can't be fair weather riders forever.  Honestly, we aren't that worried about in anyways.

We reach the restaurant about 30 minutes early, but that just gives us time to take off all the gear and get it stowed and us looking pretty.  Well, me pretty looking.  I don't think there is much help for Mr. Oilburner.  :-)  As we are cleaning up a couple other owners walk up and welcome us and make some quips about the bikes and the weather.  We start trading stories and packing techniques and swap names and businesses.  I hate to admit that I didn't recognize him immediately but the husband was my FIRST EVER motorcycle instructor!!  Ken and his wife Joanna own a local private motorcycle instruction company, Atlanta Motorcycle Schools, that specialize in individual improvement with one-on-one instruction for the fun and safety of the sport.  I have yet to ride in the real world with either of them.  Their experience, years riding and miles ridden is daunting, but they are great people that are fun to laugh with.

Into the banquet room in the restaurant and we are warmly greeted by people we don't know.  We need to get over the confusion of new members, pay and registration.  But once that is taken care of we are free to mingle and oogle the decor.

 For the annual meeting it was blessedly brief and full of useful information.  Mr. Oilburner and I are discussing our volunteering options for the annual Rally.  We loved talking with everyone. It was like a live forum since we all own BMW's, just trading secrets and more road stories.


It was time to leave when we started hearing reports that the rain was moving in.  It was wet and cold as we tried to suit up quickly.  So quickly that I was fully suited and astride my bike before I realized that I forgot to zip my pant legs.  Mr. Oilburner was sweet enough to de-glove and zip me down.  I underestimated the effect of zip down after getting on the bike though.  I didn't have the chance to stretch the pants in.  It was almost impossible to bend my legs to get my feet on the pegs.  Oops.  :-)

It was a wet and dark ride home.  The temps remained in the 41F range and I was glad I brought the heated gear.  It was late enough so that traffic was light.  We made it home in one piece and loving the water-proof gear.  I just need to figure out why my face shield continued fogging up with the lens in place.  I haven't had this difficult a time with it in the past. 

Oh, and only one other person rode.  So much for the hard-core stuff.  LOL.

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  1. 3 cheers for getting out there in the rain. Gotta ignore it sometimes... Otherwise we would be shut-ins during the winter.