Sunday, January 3, 2010

Trend Setters

I've always known that I have been a little ahead of the curve in some things.  Who started the pencil boxes in 6th grade? Me.  Who started eating powdered jello and pudding with a wet finger in 6th grade before the candy companies came out with it?  And they had to ban it in class as non-nutritious?  Me.  Who knocks out street lights before arriving?  Me and Mr. Oilburner.  Who could turn traffic lights green?  Me and Mr. Oilburner again.  Who started this entire motorcycle riding trend?  ME!  ;-)

No one I know was riding.  Then I took my class, bought my bike, let Mr. Oilburner get his bike...and it was all over.  Alex bought one.  Howard bought one.  Then John.  Then Lam.  And now my brother purchased his today.

Now I will never tell my brother this.  But I do believe he was the inspiration for me to get this bandwagon started.  I initially wanted to ride a bicycle across the country.  And he scoffed at the idea, thinking it would be more fun on a motorcycle.  I think the idea stirred in my subconscious for a very long time and kicked me into gear without my knowing.  So here we all are.  We are all starting on our new adventures.  I hope we have fun and are safe and can spread joy and goodwill where ever we travel.  Oh yes, and make some great friends.

Here is to happy traveling to everyone!  Good food, good meetings and good will out to you!

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  1. From kayaker to biker.... Looks like you are having fun!