Monday, February 1, 2010

Stir, Don't Shake

It was going to be a hard job convincing me to get on that bike while it was 28 degrees out today.  Sure it was supposed to warm up to 47F.  Sure those clouds were supposed to give way to blue skies.  But that sure isn't happening this minute!!

I told myself that I was going to be more then happy to let Mr. Oilburner take that ride down to Hamburg State Park with the group while I sat in a nice warm house.  But when I saw him start to suit up I just couldn't handle it.  I drug my feet walking to the dressing room.

See, I really didn't have a problem riding in these temps.  And for the most part I do have the cold weather gear.  It's just that I seem to have put on some winter inches and I am terribly mad at myself about this.  I want to ride.  I just don't want to stretch and contort to get into said riding clothes.  Ugh!

No matter.  We still jumped on the bikes and headed for the group meeting point.  Little did we know the ride had been canceled two hours earlier.  We arrived just in time to see one person leaving.  Really not an issue.  We enjoy riding on our own.  So our new plan was to head towards Hamburg on our own.  Of course the GPS' wanted us to get on the highway.  But that wasn't happening in this weather.  Can you imagine how cold it would be in 28F speeding 70 mph down the highway??  Unh unh!! No Way! No How!

The roads we ended up on were great.  Unfortunately the clouds in this part of the state didn't seem to dissolve.  These clouds were thick without any visible blue peaking through.  Where did they go??  Mr. Oilburner hadn't put on all of his warm clothing thinking that we would be stopping at the meeting point to give him the opportunity to suit up. So now he was starting to freeze.  We didn't make it too far before turning towards home.

Mr. Oilburner and I compared temps the entire route.  They are consistently 2 degrees apart.  With mine being on the low/fatalistic side.  My temperatures fluctuated between 28F and 31F.  His dabbled between 30 and 34.  (I didn't look at mine arriving home like he did.)  He tried to convince me his was correct since his bike is newer.  Given that logic, I said that me and mine were correct since I was newer and an improved model.  ;-)

Arrived home and that bathtub was calling my name.  My thighs were absolutely frozen.  It's as if they had been frozen with liquid nitrogen.  I could see taking one of my legs off and using it as a martini stirrer.  James Bond may have a better idea for warming them up.  Trouble is, he just isn't around when needed.

We didn't ride as far as some.  But we did ride farther then others. It was still nice to be out and feeling the fresh air.

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  1. I gave in and bought a new wardrobe, over the holidays: no way am I going to fit back into the old ones without some serious calorie deficits. Some day....