Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just Taking it Easy

The weather this winter just hasn't been cooperative for riding.  Unless you really don't mind riding in the rain.  So these past few months have been difficult since the weekdays have been absolutely wonderful and the rain has been coming in just for the weekends.  Then Monday morning dawns beautiful, blue and clear again. Just in time for work...

The past couple of weeks have thrown more into the mix with the freezing temperatures and rain.  Yes, the nighttime temps averaged 18F.  And for a week the daytime temps averaged 29F.  This little mix made for some wonderfully icy roads. Ice and snow are rare here.  So it isn't reasonable to expect the region to have all of the de-icing equipment.  And with the recent economic conditions the state wasn't able to de-ice every road.  The community at large was going to have to make due with having the interstates, state highways and primary roads as the only ones to be taken care of.  Leaving secondary and tertiary roads and drivers to fend for themselves.  Just to reinforce this, the road in front of our house remained ice covered for 5 days.

I have seen a few hardy individuals that did ride through all of this.  But that was just in passing through an intersection.  I'm not sure how they fared on the rest of their journey.  My two friends that don't have cars both hitched rides to work for a couple of days or stayed home sick.  So not everyone is brave all of the time.  At least they recognized a foolish situation and decided not to push their luck.

Here are a couple pictures of the parking lot at work at the end of a 28F day.

Yes, this is ice still in the parking lot after a day of full exposure to the sun.

Once again, the rain was here Thursday.  Was beautiful on Friday.  Saturday was supposed to be partly cloudy and relatively nice with the rains coming in late Saturday night and all day Sunday.  Even if they hadn't been wrong, because today is overcast, cold and drizzly this morning, we couldn't have ridden.  The darn pickup needs some attention.  But Monday should be dawning blue once again.  Not sure if the truck will be back in one piece.  So I just might have to ride to work on Monday.  DARN the bad luck.  ;)

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