Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day Tripping to Helen

Beautiful weather, if a tad too hot, and we all jump on our bikes and head to the hills.  Personally I would prefer to avoid Helen during the summertime.  It traditionally has miles of traffic leading into town from either direction.  People walking willy-nilly across the streets.  They generally stay in the sidewalks, but it doesn't help when there are no traffic lights.  They just step off the curb and let the cars stop for them.  Which makes progress slow when they stop every single car. 

But our friends hadn't been yet and really wanted to go.  The benefit of riding a bike is that we have easier access to parking.  The biker shops have free parking while all the cars have to pay $5. 

The crowds...

Even traffic on the water...

And some interesting things to look at...


  1. Dude, that's NOT snow, is it? In the first picture? It's sand or something, right? 'Cause otherwise....

    The biker shops just know that you'll spend money, 'cause you have no place to keep a picnic. :)

  2. Yes, crushed rocks and gravel parking. Just what any two wheeled vehicle wants, unstable and tractionless surfaces. ;) Almost as bad as snow. LOL

    Yes, the biker shops definitely hope you will spend the money. And like all others are overpriced. Technically only supposed to park there if you are frequenting the shops. But we figured we could sneak in the lunch.

  3. Yeah - something nice and sharp for you, when you dump your bike, because you're maneuvering at slow speeds. Fabulous idea.