Friday, July 24, 2009

DIY Valve Adjustments

One thing about BMW's...the cost.  Not the initial cost.  Ok, not just the initial cost.  Maintenance is also expensive.  So many people laugh and equate BMW with "Bring Me Wallet".  Fair enough.  When you have to dismantle the bike from the engine back to replace a seal and a clutch you are talking some money here.  So when you can learn more about your bike and save some money you are doing well.

A gentlemen on one of my forums offered to teach people how to perform the valve adjustments on the beautiful little boxer engine.  So I jumped on the opportunity.  My bike did not need the adjustment yet, but there were plenty of other volunteers.  A couple gentlemen even rode from Virginia and DC for the session and easily volunteered up their bikes.

We rolled up our sleeves, opened our eyes and ears and got our fingers dirty.  We learned about removing the spark plug wires, plugs, valve covers, et. al.  We learned a few tips and tricks on adjustments.  We had  educational discussions on too tight wiring harnesses, filing the air box cover so you don't have to remove the tank to reach the filter and packing for long distance trips.

Here are a couple pictures of the innards of a boxer:


So some may call them expensive or difficult to work on.  But to me BMW just means Beautiful Mechanical Wonder.

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