Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dillard in Dillard

Talk about some easy riding.  What better way to break up the long, vista viewing rides then with an easy jaunt to some good food.  The Dillard House in Dillard, Ga offers a chance for a great ride.  You can either take the country roads, little traveled, dodging the cows and combines or zip quickly up the straight-as-an-arrow highway.

Dillard, GA is about 2 miles from the North Carolina border. The Dillard House is steeped in traditions of honor, ethics and good food.  In the older days travelers on the road were generally expected to stop at houses for dinner, a bed and society.  And Carrie Dillard excelled at this.  A tradition in hospitality that Carrie Dillard instilled into her children and grandchildren. The house has grown over the years, of course.

I can't say much for the hotel and cottage accommodations, except that I would expect them to be nice.  Heck, I would just love to spend some time in the pool in the summer.  But the food is what we went for...  They offer wholesome Southern cooking in a family style buffet.  This means that you just sit down and they bring all the food out to you.  No menu's, just whatever is on the menu that day is brought out you.  This is generally some grilled or country fried chicken, country steak, fish, fried okra, creamed corn, summer squash with coconut and on and on and on.  The menu changes daily and they bring everything out to you.  And the plates just keep coming....if you have the room for it.

After eating requisite is sitting on the rockers on the patio.  Have to let the food settle a little before gearing back up. After rocking and snoozing a little you can take a walk through the flower garden and go visit the animals in the petting farm.




It's a simply ride with some good scenery.  Just be warned that it will be difficult to get back on the bike with a full belly.  And that the jiggle on the bike will settle the food and make you very sleepy!  Nap time afterward would be a very good idea.

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