Sunday, August 2, 2009

TWO North GA

We aren't in the Rockies, but many people thrill at the twisties our mountains offer. More and more people are getting into riding and capitalism is finally starting to figure out a way to make it there own.

TWO (Two Wheels Only) isn't jumping on the band wagon. They sort of started the band wagon as being the first motorcycle only resort campground in the U.S., opened in 1982. They cater only to two wheeled vehicles or those towing their motorcycles. Sleeping accommodations range from beds and rooms (and a shared bathroom) in the "Lodge", a mobile home, or unnumbered camping sites.

If you don't have any intent to camp or lodge there, you can always take your lovely mountain ride and stop for the food.   The food is surprisingly good.  Or course, it is the standard hamburger fair, but the portions are extremely generous (one hamburger fed both of us with some to spare).  Seating is early summer camp style at big, long tables that allow you to sit and chat with fellow riders.  And if the conversation isn't enough for you, you can always gaze in wonder at the paraphenalia stapled to the walls and ceiling.




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