Thursday, August 8, 2013

For Want of Shelf Paper...

For Want of Shelf Paper, They Ate Out of Tupperware


For want of shelf paper, the plates were lost


For want of plates, the boxes were lost


For want of boxes, the packing was lost


For want of packing, the basement was lost

For want of the basement, all household items were lost


All for the want of shelf paper, the diners were forced to eat dinner out of Tupperware that was laying around.



  1. Nice looking pantry though the Tupperware police will be looking for you after calling those plastic containers "Tupperware".

  2. Man I am glad it isn't me moving.

    Nice looking sketti though. At least you don't have to resort to take out and "cool whip" salad bowls.

  3. Some day you'll have dishes again ... right?! LOL

  4. I would have given up and ventured out to find some take-out. Bon apetit, anyway. There is worse to eat out than tupperware, styrofoam for example...

  5. ooops looking so good i cant stop

  6. Those are such pretty cake stands - love them! I definitely need something better than a plate.

    cheese board & salad bowl

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