Thursday, August 13, 2009

The odometer on my bike flipped to 18,000 miles on a day trip a couple weeks ago.  Yes, I am behind the times on updating everything!   What I found so exciting was that I hit 18,000 on Hwy 180 up in the mtns...on a nice twisty road the previous owner used to fly down on this very same machine.  No, I could not do it justice at high speed and with rubber burning turns.  But we had fun together just the same.

She is patient with me in my learning.  And we are just getting better and better over time.  Since this milestone she has been in for her 18K service and new rear brakes.  This time nothing else was wrong and I did get her back the same day.  She was running so well I made MotMS get on his bike and take me out to dinner.  We've also added a couple hundred more miles.  I calculate that I need to ride 502 more miles to officially put more miles on her then the previous owner.  I think those miles are going to pass quickly and with many smiles.  Let's see what the next 9,442 miles have in store...

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