Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 3 - Salisbury, MD to Toms River, NJ

The last two days were hard days to get us to this point. We had plans in Toms River...

Thankfully we only needed to roll 41 odd miles down the road and we could take a morning break on the Cape Mays-Lewes ferry. The ferry shuttles between Lewes, DE (the first city of the first state) and Cape May, NJ.

We had it on good authority to arrive about 45 minutes before boarding time. This gave us the first place in line for "other" vehicles, passing by people that were alread queued up in the vehicle lanes. They were definitely giving us the stink eye!

The early arrival gave us time to grab something to eat from the cafe, and capture the elusive smooshed penny. Hey, of all things to collect, these are inexpensive and easy to store or showcase, not requiring much room.

Before long we were called back to our vehicles for loading. What do you know...we were the only motorcycles on board.

The 18 mile crossing gives you about 45 minutes to wander the ship, sit and enjoy the breeze, or hang over the edge looking at the waves.

Apparently it is OK to drink on the deck, but nowhere else.

We had always been told that motorcycles where first on, first off. Whoever told us that was full of BUNK!! We were third off! :) But I do agree with the ordering. There wasn't any way we were getting off with that truck in front of us. I'll take third. It was still better than last.

We are now in New Jersey. This is where I have been concerned. We have all heard the stereotypes of Jersey drivers. Now is the time to find out if they are true. That could wait though, while we did a bit of sightseeing. We landed in Cape May. Cape May has been described to me as the jewel of the Jersey shore.


The architecture is mind blowing!! Victorian architecture abounds. You could spend days walking up and down each street and never see the same thing twice. These places are so intricate it is incredible.

We were also given directions to a second lighthouse on the bay side of the island, along with marshes that are home to nesting osprey. Unfortunately traffic was backed up a couple miles. We couldn't sit in the the sunshine and continue to sweat any longer. We turned north to catch the Garden State Parkway to Toms River and my first appointment... Since I couldn't go to Oregon for the IMBC...I was trying to recreate a portion of it. And it was my night to meet the legendary Jack Riepe.

You will have to wait. Hehe. Though you can see more images on Flickr.



  1. Cool...give me regards to jack, I enjoy his writing.

  2. ...great to see dolphins! )(or what it a porpoise?)

    Tell Jack that I will buy his new book....


    1. I wish that I could answer that question. But upon researching the differences...they are usually identified by teeth shape or number of vertebrae. I'm sorry that I didn't jump overboard to swim with them and find out. ;) So for now, I am saying that are dophins! hehe

      Jack is thoroughly happy with book sales and he is excited to see one going to you.

  3. I like the shots of the houses. Very colorful. I suspect the visit with Jack may have been equally colorful.

    It looks like a nice place to visit. Thank you for the RR.

    1. The architecture in Cape May was astounding. Could walk around town and just gape at the houses. As well as some of the people...quite the place to go for people watching...

  4. Replies
    1. Will do! It was quite a good visit. Wish it could have been longer.

  5. Did you take the picture of the aquatic animal on porpoise or was it by chance? :) Love the architecture pics, beautiful!

    1. A gentleman on board said they should have been with us the entire trip. They only just started cruising the waves with us at the end. So I just clicked the camera as soon as I saw one surface and hoped for the best. I was surprised the shutter on this camera was fast enough to catch him. :)

  6. Beemus,

    I recently rode through a tunnel carved through Mont Blanc, and as far as varied ways accomplish difficult travel, the ferry looks a whole hell of a lot better. The Mont Blanc tunnel was about as interesting as your grandmother's parlor at the age of 4. The ferry, however, looks great. I've always been intimidated by them, I don't know why, but I think I might just make a point out of hitting one if I ever have the opportunity. You made it look easy.

    Don't keep the world waiting for the truth on Mr. Riepe, either. I've heard rumors, but I need confirmation.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

    1. Tunnels are quite different, aren't they? The Chesapeake Bridge-Tunnel was interesting for the fact that you were riding under water. Otherwise they were scary thanks to the oil build up in the center, slickness from the rain, and the semi-trucks blasting through!

      Don't be intimidated by ferries. I was too, but at least on this one, there is a strip of non-slip paint down the center of the ramp. You know, where the oil drips from cars. ;) The deck was also painted with non-slip. Though I was sure happy I wasn't encountering this ride in the rain.

      I will get to Mr. Riepe. WiFi, friends and long days have been my demise.

  7. We missed you at the IMBC, but me thinks you are having a great time without us. Cool pictures.

    Looking forward to the 'meeting with Jack' report.

    1. We missed you too!!! So cool about the patches from Sonja. It sounds like you all had some great days and the weather cooperated.

      As far as us having fun? Well...I had to have something to report to you guys, right? ;)

  8. Replies
    1. Sorry! I'm not nearly as good as RichardM about writing while riding. Long days, spending time with good friends and poor wifi has been my downfall. I'm working on it!