Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 2 - Greensboro, NC to Salisbury, MD

Hmmm...the day started out promising. We were on time to depart at 10 am.

Breakfast of champions!
It rapidly went downhill. We were all prepared to schlep the baggage down to the bikes in anticipation of leaving on time when Oilburner discovered he couldn't find his bike key. We tore the room apart, the luggage assunder and even went to see if it was left on the bike. No dice.

So the theme for all you upcoming travelers out there...BRING YOUR SPARE SET OF KEYS!!

There wasn't anything else we could do. They couldn't be found and we couldn't continue to sit there. So hoping against all hope we hit the road and prayed the key would show up in the luggage somewhere.

With our, now, late start this was going to turn into a long day. So we took to the road. Not much else can be said. We played it safe. We followed the highways. We were amassing more time riding in rains. Even had the pleasure of negotiating metal grated bridges slick with rain. (Good thing I didn't have to turn.)

The highlights of the day?

Stopped for fuel and had a couple come up to us and start chatting. They are veteran road travelers and had noticed us on the highway. The husband at full belief that they would catch up with us. And they did. Great couple living in South Carolina, going to DC. We had a great time exchanging stories and laughing. Thank you Bruce!

Rode the Chesapeake Bridge-Tunnel. Oilburner didnot notice the gift shop and pier on the first island, so we didn't stop. I wasn't too disappointed since it was, yep, raining. :) But it was a fun riding on the bridges and submerging into the tunnels. Didn't care for the $12 per motorcycle price tag. But it might be awhile before we make it this way again.

Having fun noticing that due to all of the interstate riding, the stupid little feelers on my tires are still all there, except the area directly down the centerline.


  1. Lori:

    I'd hate to admit this but . . . I'm slow. Without finding your lost key, how can you ride ? or were these only side case keys ?

    If I had a riding buddy, I would give them my "spare" ignition key. I also have keys "hidden" on my bike but you would need tools to "retrieve" them.

    "Nice Tires . . . "

    enjoy your vacation

    Riding the Wet Coast
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    1. Slow?? What means this "slow"? Slow getting going? Slow mentally? ;)

      Luckily we had a spare set of keys and he is using that. Everything is keyed to one, so the ignition key is also the saddlebag key.

      So...tell me more about the tools I might need to extricate your spare set??

  2. Glad that oilburner had a spare key on him (or at least is sounds like he did)

    Whenever we are doing more than a day ride we always have our spare bike key on a lanyard around our necks. I think we learned that one from Bobskoot.

    $12 per bike seems a little steep for a fee, but it sounds like you are having a good time. Hope the rain stops for you soon.

    1. Definitely nice to have the spare set. We are still trying to work the kinks out of a long distance ride together. (Though after 7 days we are starting to get the hang of it.)

      I've always kept mine on a lanyard. Oilburner swears he put them on the table in the room. We tore the room apart 3 times with no luck. We are still holding out a little hope they are somewhere in the luggage. Though it is looking slimmer and slimmer.

      The $12 does seem steep. But it was about the same price as the New Jersey turnpike!!! At least the bridge-tunnel had, well, bridges and tunnels. :)

  3. Replies
    1. I Dom! Yep, Oilburner is now working off the spare set. :)

  4. Lost keys....I aint saying nothing!!

    1. Yep...I think we can all relate to that one. ;)

  5. $12 bucks isn't too bad when compared with the $12.5B price tag per car to travel through the Mont Blanc tunnel into France. Of course, it's not Mont Blanc, either. It is a pretty cool tunnel, though. You gotta pay to play, and since you only get so much time to do that, it's worth it.

    Behind Bars

    1. Brady, you are correct. And that is exactly how we were going to look at it. Just wish we had stopped on the one island/tourist shop/pier. Who knows. We might go back that way.

      Hmmm....Mont Blank. Ahhh. Would be fun.

  6. Lori,
    Have had similar panics and now have a spare secreted on the bike!

    OMG - Rolos!!!!! Haven't had any since leaving the UK. Must visit the English Lolly Shoppe in Auckland and see whether they stock them. Now you've done it!!

    1. Do you feel comfortable leaving a spare set on the bike? I'm not sure I could figure out where to put them.

      Rolos. HeHe. They now come in conveniently unwrapped versions. These were the mini's. Though they weren't much smaller than normal. So...where is the picture of yours? Send Roger over to have a look first.

  7. What's unusual about your tires? My Gazelles still have the "feelers" after 10,000miles :^)

    Ride safe and my you find all the keys to a fantastic journey.

    1. Ha Ha. Funny guy! :) I was just pondering the fact of all the straight roads that we had been on for over 1000 miles.

      Thank you for the lovely wishes. We have been having a great time with minor issues. Nothing that can't be sorted through.

  8. I'm from MD, but all I know about Salisbury is that it's on the way to Ocean City- great local produce, though- best tomatoes and sweet corn you'll ever eat- I miss it

  9. Glad you're having fun, sad you're in the rain, to bad about the key....what a pain!