Saturday, September 25, 2010

Double Trouble...

...but in a good way!!  I have a couple posts that I have been waiting for the video on.  One is together, so it will be bumped into a double day with something funny that came up suddenly.  Does that make any sense?  Probably not.

"Glorious Green"

A friend read my Suburban Stoplight Hell post and informed me that he had just thing thing for me.  I didn't have a clue what he could have that would "help" me on my way through red lights.  I haven't heard of a civilian device that would allow me control over the stoplights.  But he refused to let me in on the secret and made me wait for snail mail to bring it to my door step.

Upon opening the package, I just about fell off the sofa laughing so hard it hurt my tummy.

Glorious Green by Rob R. Robinson

This is a fabulous little painting, obviously of a stoplight, with the green light this wonderful iridescent green coloring.  Yes, the title of this is "Glorious Green" and the artist wished me eternal green lights.  I just need to determine if I should hang this painting over the bike and hopefully it will absorb the good luck through osmosis.  Or if I should hang it above me to get the same??

Rob is a wonderful artist displaying his work in shows in the Portland/Albany/Corvallis (Oregon) area.  You can see his paintings at or his beginning treks along Oregon's scenic byways at Image Odysseys.  I love some of his future trips he has planned...and one day hope to ride those roads for myself.  And if any of you inmates ride these roads before me...please take pictures for me...

Thank You Rob!!  :-)

Now I can see a stoplight collection in my future.  You just had to plant the seed...

Destination: Aska Rd

Aska Rd doesn't sound very exciting.  And the way it came about being a destination isn't too exciting either.  I wanted to ride Yellow Creek Rd again.  And Aska was near one of those tag game places and just looked like a great road!

We weren't going for a tag.  It was long gone from this location.  But the road was just calling my name.  And it didn't disappoint.

The hot and humid weather broke a little and gave us reasonable temperatures in the low 90's F with a relatively low percent humidity.  I know that 90's doesn't sound too low to most, but I was quite happy to have it.

The ride out was uneventful and completely peaceful.  There wasn't much traffic for Labor Day and the fall colors are on the cusp of coming.  Yellow Creek and Aska Rd are meandering byways mainly dotted with forest coverage, farming fields, grazing areas and a few houses here and there.  The sky was a deep blue with a few clouds scattered around.  The air was still and not oppressive. 

I finally took the plunge and adhered a GoPro mount to my Pelican.  I'm venturing out and starting to look for some new angles.  There was a difference of opinion in the household concerning the look angle: he thought it should point forward more; I didn't.  We compromised on a middle ground.  But from the video, I think it needed to be pointed farther out.

We hadn't eaten breakfast and decided to lunch at a crossroads location: Forno

I decided on the Gyro.  And was surprised with my selection of Chicken or Beef.  Aren't Gyro's supposed to be Lamb?  Surprising, not quite the same, but tasty nonetheless.  Mr. Oilburner took the Philly Cheesesteak.  MMMMMmmmm.  :)

We took out the mountain map to see the best route up and back again.

I really don't have any other photographs from the ride.  It was just too pretty of a day to stop.  The curves just beckoned us forward.

Reaching the end of Aska Rd had us in a pickle.  We could continue with the plan and ride East towards cities and traffic, or head back down Aska Rd and continue in solitude for awhile.  Solitude won.

Not wanting to completely back track all of our riding grounds we hooked a shortcut we knew from our four-wheeling days.  We knew this would involve some gravel road, but would clip our time and get us closer to our side of town.  The gravel road hadn't been graded in awhile...providing tremendous washboard bounces.  Maybe that has something to do with the recent shock replacement??  :) pictures, but some video that actually did turn out...eventually.  I tried to limit you the washboard exposure.  But gave enough to let you know it was definitely there.  :)


  1. Yeah ... roads suitable for bikes (or wee hybrid cars) are a different animal than those suitable only for trucks / offroad vehicles. :)

  2. Lori:

    most of our Gyro vendors have roasts stacked vertically with heat lamps above. They carve the meat vertically with usual choice of beef or chicken, mostly called Donair's up here.

    For the GoProHD I really wished there was a wired remote option for me to attach it low on the front wheel, or else over the front fender. I want it floating above the road with only the scenery rolling by.

    As for the Red signal lights . . . Have you ever been in the position where you forgot to buckle your helmet, or the snap on your jacket came loose and you were just waiting for a chance to stop and praying for a RED light. For some reason when you want to stop the lights stay Green.

    Wet Coast Scootin

  3. The only times I've been to Georgia, I didn't have an opportunity to leave Atlanta. Very nice video. I also think that the rear one would look better aimed a bit more to the side. Have you tried facing it backwards to video where you've been?

    BTW, I also thought that all gyros were lamb.


  4. Dear Lori:

    In Metropolitan New York and New Jersey, all gyros are lamb. Very cool video. I liked the gravel part best.

    Fondes regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  5. Hi David,

    It may not look it, but that dirt road is meant for regular little cars. Quite a few driveways off of it. Just the summer rains have beaten them up and made them rough this year. Sometimes the real off-road roads are in better condition because they are traveled less. Go figure. LOL.


  6. HI Bob,

    I've never before had a chicken Gyro. Never even heard of them. Very interesting that is about your only option over there. Our roasters for the lamb are similar with this huge hunk of lamb on a vertical skewer and vertical heat lamps around 60% of it.

    I completely agree about the wireless. Until they get around to producing it tho...mount it down there anyway and just deal with long videos or stopping in 30 minutes to shut it off. I'll bet it will give you a great perspective shot.

    And yes!! Not with the chin strap or buttons, usually with absolutely needing to stretch my legs and never getting a green light.

    Again...Happy Travels and be safe!


  7. Hi Richard,

    Yes, I wanted that lens pointed out farther towards the side of the road. I haven't yet angled it backwards, but that was next on my list for angles. Thanks for reminding me. My "play it safe" attitude is starting to take a back seat now that I am getting better and editing the videos. :)

    As for Georgia country-side...wait until you see Autumn... :)


  8. Hi Jack,

    So the Canadian influence hasn't struck New York and New Jersey. I think I can tour my food way through those areas... LOL.

    Thanks for watching the video. I can put together another one just for you with the other 20 minutes of jouncing and bouncing over gravel? The video is extremely "wavy" in some sections...I hear tell it reminds some people of some assisted medicinal enhancements...


  9. Ack!! Strick that Bob...meant never getting a red light and always getting a green... Sorry! -Lori

  10. Lori, kindly let me know if the artsy mojo works. Because then I am going to get one painting myself ;-)