Friday, July 9, 2010


It just seems so wrong to be waking up at 6:30 AM on day two of a three day weekend!  Why would I do that??  Sometimes things just come together that are supposed to be and this day was another spectacular weather day that could not be ignored.

We didn't have any intentions of riding but the temps were perfect and someone posted up a new tag...

What can I say...we took the challenge personally.  We had ferreted out the location of the new tag and verified it with Google's Street View.  We were out the door and on the bikes within 30 minutes.

To make the most of the cool morning air and light traffic we hopped on the freeway and took off!!  At a distance of 65 miles it shouldn't have taken us long.  So it was disheartening to see the electronic signs notifying us of traffic along our intended route.  Even Mr. Oilburner's GPS traffic seconded traffic issues.  But all color indicators couldn't tell us exactly where it was.  So on we went.  And as it always happens, just after the point-of-no-return, the brake lights become visible...across all five lanes.  Traffic was stopped.  Just stopped.  We actually discussed turning around and going up the on ramp, but I wasn't ready to break the law that much today.  Instead we ride down the breakdown lane through the gravel, fragmented bumper parts and broken glass.  Clenching my teeth and white-knuckling my grips to ride over those "wake up" grooves I didn't have time to identify the various articles of clothing; nor did I want to.

It was very uplifting to break the law, even to such a little degree.  :-)  Sorry, no pictures, no evidence.  I hadn't recharged the battery in the GoPro last night.

The remainder of the ride was mostly uneventful.  One little mishap of an idjit pacing me (in the lead) and then wandering into my lane.  But it was all good after that and afforded us the sight of a coyote on the backcountry roadside towards our destination.

Are you wondering where the new tag was??

Pine Log (The City of) and the trestle underpass.

And we knew exactly where we wanted to move it.  That little known and never visited (by many but us) the Gaol in Greensboro.  Can you tell that we really like that place?  More people need to know about it.  
The Gaol

I can only tell you about the location of the Gaol simply because someone picked up our tag the very next morning!  (Not that I haven't posted about the Gaol location in previous blogs...)

Sometimes you just have to love being on the bikes.  We stopped for a quick breakfast at a gas station Mickey D's...only for sustenance.  Half way through the meal an older gentlemen approached us to talk about the bikes and our destination.  Turns out that we had passed him (in his cage) about 80 miles back.  We turn up at the same gas station and he bends our ear on bikes he rides, bikes he wants, friends and destinations.  I just love chatting with fellow riders!!

280 miles - mostly freeway
140 miles between tags
Glorious weather and temps - starting to become warm by the time we were nearing home
Ready to be off the bikes - setting a record 5 hours round trip
Home in time to sit on our fannies the rest of the day until it was time to light up the sky with fireworks


  1. Congrats on getting your tag this time! Early bird getting the worm...

  2. I had to look up tag-o-rama on google but now I understand!

  3. Thanks Rob. The tags are enjoyable since they take us to some landmarks we might not have known about. Not all of them are too interesting but some are...and it's about the ride anyways. :)

  4. Hi Nikos, are you on the ADVRiders forum? It doesn't look like they have a tag-o-rama in the UK. Unbelievable! So many good spots.

  5. I look at ADVRiders when something's broke on my GS!
    I've never heard of tag-o-rama hear but there are various rallys (or "treasure hunts") that I guess are similar in nature e.g. RBR.

  6. You're so much more of a sociable person than we are, it's not even funny.

    Glad you had fun.

    Break the law more often, please. If it's not serving to protect you, it's evil. :)

  7. Nikos, GS' aren't supposed to break!! Thought they were indestructible. LOL. Do you participate in the treasure hunts? They can sometimes be fun...seeing things we sometimes overlook.

  8. Encouraging me to break the law...I've lost some of my devilish ways since we were younger. Unfortunately... But I am trying to get them back. :)

  9. Dear Lori:

    Neat pictures... Great ride... Nice Gaol... I once spent a night in the Pavonia Hilton (Hudson County Jail), which was modeled after similar lines.

    Fire Balls goes into the shop tomorrow for some needed fluid changes.I have rides planned for next week, and the week after too.

    Should be interesting...

  10. Dear Jack,

    Oh my! Was your Pavonia Hilton stay arranged in advance or last minute accommodations? :) And what might have transpired to land you there?

    With the temps you are experience Fire Balls will be happy with some new, clean fluids, and I am sure some greatly planned romps through the countryside. Hope all is well, no bad prognoses, and the rides come off without a hitch! Stay cool! Can't wait to read the reports!


  11. Dear Lori:

    I once hitched a ride in a car that had been stolen an hour before. I had a complimentary 18-hour stay in a facility that was straight out of a Fellini movie.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads