Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Life of the Party

I took up the popular "battery conversion" for my R.  I hadn't yet experienced Sudden Battery Death but my battery was approaching three years in age and was audibly weaker and cranking slower. This issue has been on my mind for awhile and I had requested Mr. Oilburner make jumper cables for my bike that are permanently mounted under the seat.  But I finally decided I would rather lose a few months of life and money from the battery then to be stranded.  So armed with battery replacement opinions from the forums, and conversion instructions, I ordered the Odyssey PC535 and went about installing it.

Removing original battery tie down.

Removing the plastic rivets, making it possible to remove/bend/replace mounting bracket.

Cutting notches into the fins making it possible to squeeze the battery between the seat posts.

After the tie down bracket was hammered out and refit, still need a washer of sorts to make up its shortcoming.

In all, the conversion was extremely easy thanks to a couple hardy souls that documented it for the rest of us. The battery sounds strong and turns the bike over quickly and easily.  I only had one confused moment on the Alabama ride when the bike repeatedly stalled.  The problem existed more between handlebar and seat when the operator continued shifting into first with the kickstand down...


  1. Dear Lori:

    You have my deepest respect and admiration. I hate tinkering with the battery on my K75 under any circumstances. After popping the seat, the seat locking brackets have to be removed. Then the motronic brain has to be unplugged and removed. Then you can get to the bracket that holds the battery in. The battery can be easily removed by folding it in half, and pulling it straight up.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  2. Hi Jack!

    LOL. I have a feeling that is what reaching my air filter is going to entail. I know on the 1150's they generally install quick disconnects for the fuel lines since they are going to that much work. And the fact that the original connectors are fairly unreliable. I haven't gotten the courage up enough to attempt that work yet.

    I would really like to see the battery folded in half. That all sounds like three times the work of just cutting my battery up to fit. :-)