Tuesday, June 8, 2010

141 Miles of Nothing

May was a long, hard, sucky month.  And I am happy it is over.

With everything that went wrong, it all culminated in keeping us off the bikes. That wasn't a physical hardship for me as I was in absolutely no condition to ride.  I guess it wasn't a mental hardship for the same reason.  :-)

My second weekend alone and feeling better I forced myself to the bike.  I hadn't a clue where to go though.

One of our riding clubs was venturing out to Cloudland Canyon.  I knew I was not up for the distance but figured I could at least meet up with them, ride towards the mountains a little ways, then split off and cover the East as they covered the West.

Without verifying kickstand up time I thought I remembered something about 9:30 and hoped I had the location correct.  I pulled into the lot at 9:27.  No bikes.  This group is NEVER on time.  I guess I had the wrong location. 

Now where?  I looked to the North, thinking I could go ahead with my plans.  The thick, dark gray clouds coming South made me a little skeptical.  Instead I headed towards home hoping to figure someplace out before then.  I decide to just head up I-985 and see where it leads.  After a boring trip on interstates any old off-ramp is looking good.  I pick one and just head south, figuring I would keep going until I hit I-85 then head back home. 

It was an unbelievably boring 141 miles, mostly interstates.  I guess the brain was still fuzzy enough to not come up with anything unique or interesting.  I apparently couldn't even be bothered to stop, stretch the legs, get a drink or snack...  So I finally get on the bike after more then a month and see absolutely nothing and go absolutely nowhere. 

141 miles of nothing
But it was pleasant and nice to be on the bike


  1. Dear Lori:

    I do not share the typical Beemer pilot's hatred of the slab. I have been on beautiful interstates, where my only riding option was to go like hell, as mandated by my arthritis.

    And I have a little love affair with speed. I cannot resist fully twisting the throttle around and listening to the K75 hike up her skirts and go. I pulled the ton again last week. I just like it.

    Better to ride than to sit at home and wish you did.

    Fondest regards,
    jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  2. Dear Jack,

    Beemer's hate slab? I thought that was just the GS'. I agree that sometimes slab is the best option. But slabbing around Atlanta is not terribly enjoyable or entertaining; not much to look at. But if you are out of the city and flying a little faster down the road then others that makes it enjoyable on its own.

    From my own experiences, I detest people expressing contempt for motorcycles because they "ride too fast", only to experience riding 10 mph over the posted speed limit and I am the absolute slowest thing on the road. (!) In those instances cagers are flying past at 90 mph and rarely even register a motorbike on the roadway.

    I admire your ability to twist that throttle fully. I have yet to see the upper limits of mine. :-) Cruising down the road is good for me. Yes, sometimes the speed is elevated. Yes, sometimes those quick bursts to "pass" someone are a little excessive. Yes, it all sounds so good to hear the purr.

    Yes, it is nice to be on the bike!! :-)


  3. Dear Lori:

    I got my first BMW in 2005. I rode it like it was a tiger shark trying to bike me for a whole year. If you can believe it, I rode city streets that paralleled highways for a year, rather than mix it up in highway traffic. One day, I was 60 miles from home, and the arthritis in my knees felt like a on-going kick in the balls.

    I just wanted to get home.

    So I pulled onto the expressway and thought, "What the hell was I worried about." The fastest I had pushed that bike was 55mph. That day was the first time I went through a sweeper at 65, and I thought I was superman. It would be another six months before I found 85mph. And the truth is my K75 just gets more delightful to handle the faster I go.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  4. Dear Jack,

    LOL. I completely understand. I'm currently working on a post about my emotional progression to highway riding. It near follows your thoughts. I do believe I hit 85 my third time on the interstate, though. :) Then, like you, there isn't any turning back.

    Sorry that the arthritis is so horrendous. I can't begin to imagine the pain and difficulty of having it on a bike. Glad you can still enjoy some saddle time. And make it your own with your step stools.