Sunday, December 20, 2009

Keep a Sharp Eye Out

One of the most important lessons in motorcycle riding is being aware of your surroundings.  On the freeway in the summertime one of those items to be aware of is a tire blowing on some other vehicle.  In most cases it is just the shrapnel to avoid being decked with.  Worst case scenario is being next to a blowout.

So I keep a special eye out on tires around me, even in the winter.  And that paid off big time on Thursday.

I was going out of town in the cage for the weekend.  So I hopped on the bike to run my errands on Thursday and get the last few miles of windblown enjoyment.  Somehow I still managed to slab it most of the way, but it was still good.

My last few miles towards home and I see a little mini-truck passing me, listing a little to the rear.  I keep a wary eye on the right rear tire, seeing it seems a tad low.  And I just don't like the way the guy is driving.  Must give him a wide berth because I am sure that tire is going to blow.  I just never, ever expect to be around when it happens.

I'm about 15 miles from home and losing sight of the mini-truck as he weaves around cars and always stays in the faster lanes.  My attention is diverted a little when the Lexus pulls up next to me and the two guys are waving and giving thumbs ups.  I stay ahead of the curve of annoying cagers and make my way towards my off-ramp.  As soon as I enter my lane that little mini-truck comes veering from the fast lanes...with an extremely flat tire.  At least it hadn't shredded and flown all over the freeway.  He entered the breakdown lane a few short moments before I passed.

I've never really expected to see a tire blow near me.  And I guess I technically still haven't.  But I recognized the possibility and actually did see it immediate post-blowout.  Really glad nothing went bad.  So please keep your eyes peeled for possible dangers around you.

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