Monday, April 22, 2013

Out for an Excursion, Though Not a Ride

It was beautiful riding weather this past weekend. The temperatures were perfect near 72F, wide blue skies, slight breezes light enough give you a whiff of the blooming flowers. And we didn't ride.

Of course, people are constantly telling us that there is more to life than riding. I guess I have to agree with them, but that doesn't mean that I always want to do much more with my life than ride.

This weekend was a change. There has been some crazy stuff going on in life lately, and it was a wise idea to have a relaxed weekend and just take the 4 wheeled vehicle some place.

Years and years ago we learned of a place in Alabama called the Unclaimed Baggage Center. This is an interesting business paradigm that purchases the unclaimed baggage that the airlines are not able to get back to their owners. (You can read about the process on their website.) They have discovered some unimagineable items in luggage they have purchased, from African Tribal Breastplates to live snakes. They purchase the bags, catalog and clean the contents, and put them up for sale. (This is legal as the airline has already reimbursed the bag owner for the lost luggage.)

We had never traveled there as it was on the cusp of a day trip vs an overnight. It is about 3 1/2 hours away by car, one way. When we had puppies, I didn't want to subject them to us being gone for that amount of time. So we never went. Of course, by the time we lost our beloved puppies, we had forgotten about the place.

We were reminded of it a couple weeks ago when some friends wanted to go. Again, we agonized over making it an overnight trip. But truthfully, there isn't anything in Scottsboro, Alabama that one would want to see, other than Unclaimed Baggage. Going there for just that seemed a waste of a good weekend. (Though there are a couple of good roads on the way, just add another 2 hours to the trip to get to them.)

We also had to question if we should ride or drive. Riding would be more enjoyable, but the saddlebags are only so big. What if a canoe had come in that just had to come home with me?

Well, we decided last weekend was the one, and instead of staying in Scottsboro, we would hop over another hour to Chattanooga, TN for an overnight trip. Now, to ride or drive? As much as we would have enjoyed riding, we wanted to relax and spend some time together.

The Unclaimed Baggage Center was interesting. At one time it may have been an hodge podge type place where you could uncover some phenomenal deals because someone didn't know what they had. With the popularity of the internet, ebay, and amazon everything can be discovered quickly and can be priced competitvely. Though deals can still be found on items that are not mainstream yet and people don't know what to look for. (Case in point, our friend found a bluetooth headset attached to a charger. It was placed in with all the chargers on a large peg board. For his knowledge of what the item was, and his eye to actually spying it, he would never have seen the $140 bluetooth headset that was priced for $16 amongst the hundreds of other chargers.) However, for iPad's and iPhones, they darn well know the market price for those and price those items accordingly

Not being a big clothes shopper, or handbag user, much of the place is lost on me. Though even I could see the attaction of some name brand handbags for $2. I am just more attracted to electronics. The bags and bags of chargers wasn't appealing, as I had no interest in sifting through them, so I sauntered over to the camera counter. There were oodles and oodles of point and shoot cameras, mostly just slightly used looking. I love seeing the rows of colorful cameras all lined up like little soldiers. But my passion lay in the DSLR cabinet. You could take your pick of Nikon or Canon. I can't tell you what Nikon models were there as I'm not up on those, but there were plenty of Canon's with many Rebel models well represented. Yeah...unfortunately my eye was captivated by the 7D...

We also went to the Lodge Outlet, makers of fine cast iron cookware. I am a firm believer that all women should own a cast iron skillet. For self defense. ;) (No pictures, I don't know what is with me and my missing camera lately.) I did happen to purchase a skillet for pancakes and a couple jars of jam.

Our only form of sightseeing was this cool bridge in South Pittsburg, TN that Moose thoroughly enjoyed. Moose was less than thrilled to see the Bellefonte Nuclear Generating Station. Though it has never produced any electricity and has been sitting for more than 20 years, even supplying spare parts to other reactors in the area.



  1. That sounds like a good overnight trip. Sometimes it is just easier to take the car for an overnighter.

    Did you find that canoe you were hoping for? :-)

    Moose looks pretty comfy up there on the dash.

    1. It was a relaxing trip once you get the two interstate closures and one construction area that may as well have been a closure behind us. Someone did not want us leaving Atlanta it seems. :) Chattanooga was nice. Enjoyed a stroll along the Main Street and listened to music.

      Alas, no canoe. :(

      Moose makes a wonderful traveling companion. Except when he steals donuts...

  2. Man you could of taken me there! I am sure I would of loved the place.

    Next time buy me a hand bag!

    1. If I had remembered it I would have. I'm sure the little mauve purse I was looking at would go well with the little black number that you picked up. :)

  3. Holy Hannah! I wonder if the airlines make more on selling the lost stuff than they give the person for reimbursement? I have two cast iron skillets and use them for everything. Hey I have a little moosey too, my hubby gave him to me 25 years ago. Love the overhead shot of the bridge it looks like zipper teeth.

    1. I certainly hope the airlines don't make more money on selling the bags. I would hate to think of how little money people got back for their lost iPads and high end DSLR's. There was even a saddle there!!! What was really depressing was the selection of a few buttons and I uncovered the previous owner of that Canon 7D I was looking at. I am torn trying to decided if I should contact him and tell him I found his camera...

      Growing up we cooked on an older 1920's or 40's stove. I don't remember what year it was. Lovely gas and we used cast iron cookware. I remember seasoning those pans. Never replaced them as Oilburner grew up with electric, and he didn't think they worked on electric stoves... I'll let you know how it goes.

      Does moosey go on trips with you too?

  4. Lori:

    what a tease ! I'm still in suspense, did you buy the 7D ?

    I want to go there too. Let's take the car, I want to sit in the back seat. I saw this place on TV once a long time ago but didn't know where it was

    We have a cast iron frying pan and I love it. Much better than those teflon ones.

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. I figured you would be the one to catch the cliffhanger. ;) Mayhap I did...and mayhap I didn't. (evil grin)

      I wish it was a little closer, because it would be a fun place to make two or three time yearly excursions.

      I'll have to relearn how to cook with cast iron. Started small with the pancake skillet. Might graduate. I finally found some lovely eco-friendly, heavy dute teflon pans that I love!