Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ABS: On or Off

Brief interlude for some funnies.

Oilburner thinks this is just about the best, and funniest, explanation of ABS.  Though someone notes that No ABS would actually take a little longer to come to a complete stop.

In other news...just saw this on MSN, profiling some of the most charming cities.  Clicking on it took me to our newest favorite city.  I keep expecting to see Mike and Tom in there.

(Sorry...I can't get it to stop autoplaying.  Since I don't want you to be forced to listen to it each time the page is loaded, here is the link.


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    1. Oilburner has been laughing all night. I feel for the puppies. Hehe

  2. I laughed when I first saw that picture. So cute and I love corgies too.

    I have never been on a bike with ABS so I have no preference. I know hubby can stop in less distance on his Tiger than one equipped with ABS, or so they told him in his Team Oregon braking clinic.

    1. Hi Trobairitz. I agree. I love the puppies too. Poor things being dragged. Oilburner just laughs and laughs.

      I've half listened to the debates on ABS in group discussions. People are either for or against. I know people that waited months for a bike, specifically ordering one without ABS. Others would never ride one without it. I was concerned getting a bike with it when I read some stories of low speed, damaging crashes because the ABS kicked in at 5 mph. I'm like you. I think mine has kicked in once, but right now I wouldn't necessarily know what it felt like if it did.

  3. Lori:

    ABS has saved me more than once. You can't always get the braking proportions right when you use your brakes manually and sometimes the road is wet or slippery, or you don't notice the sand. Also in a panic situation you don't have time to think.

    ABS can also be turned off, through aftermarket accessories. With the V-strom I can buy the ABS switch from Eastern Beaver and you can turn if off when off pavement. ABS is becoming standard equipment on new bikes now

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  4. I think that photo is a great illustration of ABS. I've have only ridden a bike with it once and fortunately didn't have an opportunity to test it. It is the one feature that could convince me to get a new bike. Slippery conditions seem to be common with water, mud, gravel & sand. But I would want to be able to turn it off if desired, I don't care how perfect the manufacturer claims there system is.

  5. Lori

    Yet again I'm right behind Bob - If you want to know why ABS is a good thing watch this:


  6. Lovely pic! I am totally pro ABS, although my current bike doesn't have it (Harley Davidson doesn't seem to be that advanced, at least not for the Sportster).

    1. Is it possible to lock-up the wheels on a HD?