Monday, February 27, 2012

Carburetors and Fuel Petcocks

So what happens when someone has become spoiled on his state of the art, fuel injected, luxury liner on two wheels and is put on a 1986 Honda duel sport?  He completely forgets about carburetors and fuel petcocks that need to be turned into the proper position...


I figured he had stalled the machine when he didn't follow me through the right hand turn out of the parking lot.  But I could see his frustration level skyrocketing when it died again a quarter mile down the road at the next light.  His furious kick starting wasn't having effect.  Luckily there wasn't anyone on the road behind us.  I just pulled over and headed for the gas station.  He was there jumping up and down on that kick start lever to save his life.

I was curious to see if he would pull it over to the gas station and just kick it over on its side.  (He had spent all day Saturday trying to kick start that darn machine.  You would think the fact that it wasn't getting any spark would have saved him tons of kicking.)

It didn't take him long to realize that the fuel petcock was in the "Off" position. didn't take him much longer...hehe

Just goes to show that you have to relearn some things on those older vehicles that you used to be proficient on.  :)


  1. I just oush a button, if it doesnt goi go back to bed.

  2. Steel Cupcake:

    Okay, smart alec, give him a hand if you know the answer. I love kickstarters, but it's been a long time since most bikes have had them

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. The question is.... Did you have to point it out for him or was itself discovery?

  4. Wait a minute, for me, fuel petcocks and carburators are current technology. If my bike had kick start then it would be near perfect....

  5. Roger...that just sounds mighty lazy. Hehe. But nothing wrong with knowing when not to go out. :)

  6. Now Bobskoot...did you really expect anything other than smart alec from me?? Hehe. Of the three bikes I have owned, none have been kick starts. ( alec again). This one hasn't been any easy start, but hopefully he has that worked out and I can look forward to learning.

  7. Hey Brandi, now why would I go pointing stuff out like that to him?? He needs to learn that if he is going to turn the fuel off, that he needs to turn it back on again. Hehe. But to be truthful I hadn't even noticed that he had turned the fuel off, and didn't think of it when it stalled. I won't be forgetting now though. Becuase I know I will probably be doing the same thing in the future.

  8. So Richard...if you don't have a kick start what do you got on that thing? A pull rope?? Hehe

    Electric start...just one more thing to go wrong. :)

  9. Ha ha, it happened to me on my Kawasaki, was working on the bike and had closed it after removing the tank. After putting everything together it took me a while to figure out why the bike wasn't starting ;-)