Sunday, November 27, 2011

How's the GS?

I realize I have been away a little.  Work and life balance is not one of my strong points.  :)  I was facing a product (software) release the week after purchasing the GS.  Many hours of overtime and a Sunday deploy kept me grounded and merely watching the GS sit in the garage.

Really.  A brand new bike and I get to watch it sit in the garage...  Argh...


During the interval the GS has received:

1) It's 600 mile service (965 km).  Do you conceive of how difficult it is to put 600 miles on a bike when you cannot ride on the freeway??  This was the longest and most difficult 600 miles I have ridden!

She got new oil:



New final drive fluids:


2) Received engine and tank guards:




3) Installed a Centech unit for all those electronic accessories. Oilburner did a great job, didn't he?



4) Auxiliary headlights, to better be seen:



5) Hyperlights (no pictures)

6) We took a quick trip to snag a tag and she saw her first bit of dirt...errr water:




I think the next item should be a Fender Extender to save those pipes.  :)

Can you believe? Even the RT was showing RTA (Adventure) stripes:



  1. Lori: Lots of new bling all ready, lucky girl. ow you sure you went "off road" or did you just find a puddle!!! lol.

    Anyway, she is looking good.

  2. Lori:

    WOW, lots of accessories. Oilburner did a really good job of installing them all. You are braver than moi ! I stay away from water. happy riding

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Lori

    I was going to say what a clean machine and then I saw dirt - bravo!


  4. Lori, I thought that your sump looked pristine and was puzzled as to when you took the photo!!! Loved the later ones in the water. Did you trust it not to slowly topple over or is there a metre square of plywood sitting submerged? ;-)

  5. +1 for the puddle pics. My Vespa also seem to like water at lot and finds every puddle along the way.

    I like the auxiliary lights, good to see and to be seen.

  6. Love the new header photo! Glad you were able to get some miles on that beast. Gotta love the lights. Great looking bike, but needs more dirt.

  7. Crash bars are a great investment - hope you never need them!

    Hope you get to spend a bit more time getting it dirty!

  8. I like the picture of the pan and the exhaust piped. They'll never look that clean again. Too bad about all the job pressures interfering with your riding. I hope things are settling down. It looks like a good collection of accessories. What kind of auxilary lights?

    I always thought that the cylinders on R bikes were supposed to function as crash bars ;-)

  9. You may not be getting many miles on the new bike but look at all the farkles you have. That is a good trade off. Think of it as a spa treatment for the bike while you are working.

    Great pictures of the bikes in the puddles.

  10. The bikes looking good! Nice add ons, I hope you gave a donut, or something to Mr Oilburner for all his hard work! :)

  11. Well, at least it wasn't a year-end release (a dull glimmer of a silver lining) good to have that stuff behind me.
    I laughed when I saw the puddle pics after thinking the bike still looked showroom new.
    Wishing you time and decent weather for riding.

  12. Hi Raftnn,

    And I am grateful that I didn't have to hide the boxes for my bling. ;)

    And I never said anything about off road. I just said that we found DIRT. hehehe. The puddle was a bonus.

  13. Hi Bobskoot:

    May seem like alot, but think that the Flash2Pass, GPS and deer horn are still missing. Then I am thinking about some type of top box and a tool tube and a heated seat and a tank protector and a tank bag and a.... hmmm


  14. Hi Nikos:

    Yeah, it was a little pristine wasn't it. I didn't get the engine guard until about 600 miles. I wasn't risking it otherwise.

    Now I wonder about the roads because Oilburner will be riding the RT down them... hehe

  15. Hi Geoff:

    Well...that "dirt road" was lots of gravel. So the puddle was all gravel and no mud. No worries about tipping over and no extra support. Psst...don't tell anyone, but I made Oilburner park it there. I was wearing jeans and didn't want to get them wet. ;)

  16. Hi SonjaM:

    I think your Vespa and my bike just might get along quite well. :) I once rusted out the starter of my SUV because it veered towards every puddle to play in.

  17. Hi Circle Blue:

    Thank You! I haven't driven at night yet to see how people like the lights or not. But Oilburner tells me they are bright!

    Hmmm...dirt. Yes. Georgia mud that is slippery than snot in the winter time? No. hehe

  18. Hi Andrew:

    From your fingertips to my bikes tires concerning not using them guards. I will print that out and show it to the bike to tell it the way of the world. hehe

  19. Hi RichardM:

    Thinking of the Fenda Extenda to see if I can try to keep the pipes clean longer. Probably won't work. :)

    I went the cheap route on the lights. All of the motorcycle ones are so expensive! I picked these up from Walmart. They've been working for Oilburner for ages and cheap to replace if broken. ;)

    Hmmm...cylinders being the crash bars. Funny, funny. [Accompanied by foot tapping and sidelong look.] (hehehe)

  20. Hi Trobairitz:

    I do like the way you think. Though I would gladly trade riding for work and farkles. ;)

  21. Hi Ken:

    Nope. Oilburner didn't get a donut, or anything else. He did it out of the kindness of his heart. And his desire to sleep in the bedroom. hehe

    He gets my thanks and undying love. And dealing with my temper tantrums as I tried to snake wires through fairings.

  22. Hi Rob:

    Oy vey. Jeez, yes. Unfortunately I will have an end of year release this year. Hopefully it won't be terribly difficult.

    Wishing me decent weather? I really hope you don't think these 38F temps with snow flurries is decent... ;)

  23. With all this build-up the launch will be awesome, eh? Here's to many happy miles in your future.

  24. lol - I remember the first 600 on the Ninja, keeping the speed down, and the day I hit 600 - yipee!

    Gee, I was just thinking BMW's were supposed to be dirty, then I scrolled down. Ahh, that's better! :)
    Nice post, catching up on the latest!

  25. Dear Lori:

    I must have been on drugs or something. I didn't realize you got a new GS. What a great-looking bike for you! You should hsve no trouble getting into new and more elaborate trouble now. Good thing the water trap wasn't 15 feet deep.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  26. I didn't realise you got rid of the 1200R. Nice GS. I originally wanted the GSA...Oh well. Good luck with it and man, the underside is way clean. I wish my RT was so clean. :)

  27. I like it, it's looking good and rugged, ready for adventure, wanna join me to Alaska next July?
    I have been away as well, too preoccupied with other stuff but I'm trying to catch up, lots of reading.