Sunday, October 16, 2011


I had to stop and play the last sentence of the conversation over again.  Three grown men, none of whom had children, were talking about sippy cups.  Really?!?!

I believe that many men act like children, but the use of a sippy cup?  Well...yeah.  I guess I can see where it would be beneficial.  But I am way off track.

The conversation was actually chiding Oilburner for not having a cup holder on the RT.  After all,Ken had one on his.  And the discussion at hand was the only way Oilburner would be able to drink while riding with a full fact helmet.  Sippy cup came up, but I think they meant something with a flexible straw.

I didn't care.  I knew Oilburner wasn't installing one.  That is a Goldwing farkle.  So I tuned back out of the conversation and thought forward to the ride that was coming up.

We hadn't ridden to Cherohala or the Dragon yet this year.  With the fall colors coming, and winter not far behind, those roads were going to be busy soon.  Therefore the first "autumn" like weekend of year saw us headed there.


Who knew the first autumn week would have us experiencing 37.4 F (3C) at 12:30 on the Skyway.  But there it was in all its blinking glory on my temp gauge.


Where were the 67 F (20C) highs they had predicted?

Nothing to worry about here though.  Starting out in my winter jacket and four layers of winter clothes showed me that would not be sustainable at freeway speeds.  So I switched the layers to the Gerbings heated jacket directly at the breakfast/meetup location.  Two guys had fairings, and one of them heated gear.  The Harley dude, sans a windshield, had on a down jacket.  We were all prepared.

There isn't much more to say about this day.  It was all about the ride in the company of good friends that were well matched in riding styles.  The twisties were smooth and easy. The side trips were agreed upon.  The route was up for changes.  We were all willing to take a lead.

You can see more images on Flickr.  And you can watch the video that sums it all up.

Cherohala With Friends from Love Of A Motorbike on Vimeo.


  1. Steel Cupcake:

    smooth video and it looks like a warm day. I'd like to walk on that suspension bridge over that Dam.

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. Very nice video. I like that vantage point for the Go-Pro camera since it includes the front wheel. It looks nice and sunny even if your thermometer claims 37°F.


  3. This is a very artistic blog.....arent you the wizz with the camera......very cool. Looked like a great day, now I am off to get a wine, mmmmmwhere did I put my sippy cup

  4. Lori

    It's most thoughtful that you provide both C and F temperature data - I assume this is aimed at the Francophile Canadian contingent rather than for us real Europeans?

    Regarding cup holders - the bigger problem is the "how to get rid of" the stuff issue that afflicts many men and women whilst on the move. I suppose three men without children would talk about diapers too?

    Best wishes from blowy Britain, N

  5. Hi Bobskoot: I was trying to get a little more artistic after watching your videos. :) I agree...I wanted to walk on the suspension bridge too. Have seen pictures of the dam in low water. Would like to walk the stacked rock...except for the danger of water rushing down without notice.

  6. Hi RichardM: I'm glad you like the location of the camera. I have been wondering if that location is getting too used. I considering installing it on the left side of the tank and decided against it considering the work required to spin the casing. ;) Maybe next time.

    I'm sure you know something about the temps we saw. Hope yours doesn't feel as cold.

  7. Hi Raftnn: Thank You. Just trying to live up Bobskoot upping the anti. hehe. and sippy cup. How did you know that was along the lines I was thinking? ;)

  8. Hi Nikos: AAhhh...I'm providing both values for the rest of the world that hasn't yet gotten the hang of this Fahrenheit thing. ;)

    Please! I hope that I am not around to hear any discussions of diapers! Although I can see long discussions centered around the adult diapers with some of these guys. As well as the NASA style diapers allowing them to remain in the saddle through many "pit stops."

    Please don't tell me that you have begun any exploration down these lines? :)

  9. What a great day. Thanks for putting the video together.

    The best days are spend riding in the sunshine on smooth roads with great friends.

  10. Nice post, and your video is awesome! Love the waterfall.

  11. NASA style diapers??

    I must investigate.....