Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Look What the [Cheshire Grinning] Cat Brought Home...


That's right.  I rode the brand spanking new RT home today.  Starts its new life in our household with 13 miles on it.  I brought it up to 21.  I took the slightly longish way home.  I wasn't going too far out of my way since it was evening traffic.  The only direction I could have gone was downtown if I didn't want to sit at stop lights.  I wasn't terribly gung-ho on that idea.  So we shared a few quiet lanes with a few quiet curves.  I can't get too crazy on it during the break in period and brand new shoes.  But we did have a little fun.

Oilburner was gracious enough to follow us home in the pickup.  He asked me to ride it home to sustain tradition.  When our group started back into the riding business, most of us were new enough that we didn't trust ourselves to ride our bikes home.  So Oilburner was tapped to be the first rider on all our bikes.  No one had done that for him, and look at his track record.  He is hoping to break any potential issues by having someone else ride the bike home for him.  Voila ME!

So...what can I say about the BMW's new Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC) engine?  Nothing.  Not a damn thing.  Though I gave Oilburner the thumbs down on the way home.  And I immediately called our sales guy and told him that I hated him and he wasn't allowed to play with Oilburner any more.

That is one flipping awesome engine!!!  Lower torque, smooth, quiet.  Almost has a little turbo diesel whine to it at times.  Sweet.  Just really super sweet.


I'm wondering if Oilburner's guilt is showing through.  He keeps pushing me to upgrade to the R1200R Classic.  Hmmm...that new engine makes it tempting...


  1. Hmmmm, looks pretty nice and even has a little turbo diesel whine, eh. (12 valve or 24 valve?)

    That's an interesting tradition and hopefully it works out for him. If you get a new bike you'll have to start buying farkles again and that would be just miserable. ;-)


  2. I wouldn't mind getting an RT for long haul touring, I was pretty impressed with the handling when I test-rode it, however I wouldn't make enough use of the bike, as I only do about 8,000 miles a year, and most of it is city commuting.
    I bet Mr Oilburner is excited to get back on his (new) wheels.

  3. Now that's a classy bike Lori! You could always take it for yourself as punishment!

    Nice, very nice indeed!

  4. Mr Oilburner:

    I love it ! You lucky duck.

    Riding the Wet Coast

  5. I am off to get another bike.........Argh.

  6. Ahem,

    I believe you may have my motorcycle. I believe I picked up your Kawasaki Concours by mistake. Please contact me to arrange a trade.

    The k1300 or the 1200 would have been my first choice - but at half the price I can't complain (won't complain today) about my choice in bikes. Nice machine, there's some real envy coming from over here.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  7. Oh my, what big bikes your have . . . I guess to gobble up lots of miles :)

    Enjoy and be safe!

  8. Congrats to Oilburner on the new bike.

    Maybe any crashing gremlins are gone by you riding it home for him. Let's hope, fingers crossed this one stays shiny side up.

    Nice looking ride. Thumbs up.

  9. Very nice and the bike looks good too!

    loving the crocs(tm), N

  10. Hi Richard!

    I'm guessing the 12 valve since I haven't had the pleasure of hearing the 24 valve. :)

    I did go back and forth on the R12R Classic...until I got the chance to open mine up this weekend. SWEET!! So smooth and well broken in. Nope. Upgrade not worth it. :)

  11. Hi Sonja!

    I must admit, the new RT is a very nice bike. For some reason I wasn't keen on the blue one. But this one feels and handles a little differently. I put another 50 miles on his bike on Saturday...without him around. ;) So I could definitely recommend the 2011 RT if you were so inclined, in the future. LOL

    Oilburner isn't allowed to like his new bike... hehehe

  12. Hi Geoff!

    It is a classy bike. I was a little worried about not enjoying my bike when I got back on it...missing the DOHC engine.

    No such worries. My bike is so well broken in... aaahhhh...

  13. Hi Bobskoot!

    He isn't allowed to like it, or be excited riding it, or talk about how much fun it is to ride...


  14. Hi Raftnn!

    So what did you look at?? hehehe

  15. Hi Brady!

    Absolutely hilarious!! Gave me a great laugh.

    Keep repeating to yourself. "I like my Concours. I like my Concours."

    Just think about what a great bike you got for half the price. ;) And hope your in laws take great care of it in your absence!

  16. Hi Circle Blue!

    Hey, we aren't the only ones eating the miles. You are holding your own. Just gives us the opportunity to go farther, faster. hehe

  17. Hi Trobairitz!

    Let's hope the crashing gremlins are gone for a very long time. I can't afford new farkles for new model years! LOL

  18. Hi Nikos!

    Why...Thank You! hehe

    Glad the crocs(tm) haven't wreaked havoc on the continent. :)

  19. I thought this was your bike! No! I am thoroughly confused.

    Also the trouble I had posting on this blog disappeared today. I have no idea why.

    Fondest regards,

  20. Love the first photo. You and the bike both look happy enough to purr!