Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pictures From the Trip

Hi! I haven't even thought of how to start writing about my journey. Besides the fact that it was GREAT!! I had a great time, met some interesting people, saw some historical sites and visited the last two corners of my state.

But you can take a look at the pictures that I just posted, if you are interested.

You can also view the images on Flickr directly by clicking here.


  1. What a lovely landscape, and the archeological site seems fascinating (hobby of mine...)

    Just tell me, why are your boots still shiny (mine get dirty after 5 mins on the road...), where are the people and cars, and what's the story behind the sticker with those two horses...? Has it something to do with the town Climax?
    Looks like an awesome trip, and obviously the weather played along, too.
    Thanks for letting me tag along on your journey.

  2. Now come on, you carn't post all those fantastic pics with out at least some commentry! Looks like you had an awesome time, I was tracking your travels on your trackme site.

  3. Thanks for the taste, Lori. I look forward to the main course. I suspect you may need to digest it all before you can write it up. So, I will be patient in an impatient sort of way for the ride report.

    Again, thanks for the images.

  4. Dear Steel Cupcake:

    I took a weekend off from my computer and you've got a whole bunch of new posts up. I loved the slideshow of this run and the shots of the open road, mopuntain vistas, and "in town" shots. The Brooks County Courthouse is a beautiful structure. And I loved the preserved architecture in many of the places you rode through.

    Now I am going tback to leave comments on the posts I missed.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  5. Gorgeous pictures. You live in a beautiful State. I cannot wait to hear your narrative on the trip.

  6. Stunning pics and thumbs up to the Newcastle beer - my favorite.

  7. Great shots!

    I must say, though, I saw the word "Bainbridge" and thought, "wow, that's a huge trip!" And then I thought again, concluding that you were not talking about Bainbridge Island. ;)

  8. Beautiful pictures, love the moss hanging from the trees, what a trip it must have been :-)
    Love the blue skies and open fields.
    Start writing ;-)

  9. Very nice pics! They always make me want to get back to GA with time to do some traveling around the state - soon, I hope.

    Is the ceramic bird at the Kolomoki Indian Mounds? - very interesting.