Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Think It's Fair

It's only fair.  I get an accessory for my bike in the Hugger.  Mr. Oilburner gets this pretty little fender extender.  It seems to serve the same purpose as the Hugger: prevent rock flingin' from the tire.  His little extender is more for the benefit of others riding or driving behind.  Mine is a little more selfish in mostly protecting my shock.  His is plastic, mine is carbon fibre.  His cost $39 US, mine was only 8 times more.  :)  I think it's fair.


The installation looked difficult and even came with an installation manual.  (?!?!)


Insert extender into the existing fender.


Insert screw.


Tighten screw.





  1. I think that you should've made an installation video. And since is a BMW, the screw probably took a special, hard to find tool. Are you sure there was only one screw holding up the mudflap? Sounds a little under-engineered.


  2. Steel Cupcake:

    I thing Mr Oilburner needs a carbon fibre hugger. Either that or find a plastic one which costs 8x as much or use a gold or titanium placed fastener

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. I think Lori had a quiet day on Sunday, must of been raining ah? Here I was expecting ablog of your 2000mile weekend......sigh......I will have to wait, I agree next time you should do the whole installation video thing!

  4. Do tell us that it took a special screw, though - like my Honda Insight did, for its rear wheel-covers. It took two screws, and I lost one once ... and paid $5 to get another.

  5. Of course it is fair. All is fair in love . . .

  6. @ RichardM: I've talked it over with Oilburner. He says if I want to make an installation video I'm going to have to do it myself. LOL. You are correct...for an actual BMW part it seems too low priced and quite under-engineered. I hadn't seen it till you pointed that out. :)

    @bobskoot: He don't need no stinking hugger to cover his ESA shock. But I can see about a titanium screw. ;)

    @raftnn: Your jealousy is showing. ;) Rain on Saturday. Wind and cold temps on Sunday. Good days to be lazy indoors.

  7. @David: No special screw, but we were told it didn't come with one and purchased the proper fastener. Now we have a spare since it did come with one... So we've almost spent the same amount on the single screw. :)

    @Circle Blue: Thank You. Spoken like a truly married man that loves his wife. :)