Saturday, January 29, 2011

It Went Like This

The conversation went a little something like this over the last couple of days.

Him:  Which truck do you want to drive to work on Friday.

Me: I don't care.  Which truck do you want to work on?

Him: I don't know.  Which one do you feel like driving?

Me: I don't really care.  Which one do you feel like working on?

Him: [questioning]  So you're going to make me decide.

Me: [exasperated]  It all depends on what on what you want to do...

And that was the gist of it for a couple days.  Friday dawns bright and late due to a middle night snore and kick fest.  So when the same line of questioning came up again this morning while I was getting ready for work, I had had enough. I quietly put on my riding gear, staging my own little revolt.  If he couldn't decide what work he wanted to do I wasn't gonna make him decide.

It was a GREAT ride.  I expected morning traffic and my usual stoplight mania.  No traffic and mostly green lights made it an absolute joy.  I guess I have been switching cars enough lately that I have fooled the stoplights.  They aren't recognizing me.  I know that will change soon, but I will enjoy it while it lasts.

My little bike is in the upper left corner...  The ride home was trouble free as well.  Tomorrow is predicted to be in the 60's.  YeeHaw!!!

Hope your weekend turns into something wonderful!


  1. Or you could say that you would rather not drive anything to work. Just stay home and pretend that it's still snowing and then sneak out for a ride.

    Have a good weekend.


  2. Lori

    I'm impressed that you have a choice of trucks in your household!


  3. Your weather is far more fabulous than ours. Sigh.

  4. BeemerGirl:

    Well, I'm pulling my hair out (or what's left of it) wondering if it was the Jeep or the Hemi Ram. I'm sure you were wondering all day and had to wait until you arrived home to find out. You do have good weather. it's going down to freezing for the next few days, and perhaps a skiff of snow flurries at higher levels tomorrow

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  5. Dear Beemer Girl (Lori):

    Kindle refrain from gloating about the weather. We have 15 inches of snow in the driveway, with another storm predicted for next week.

    Where the hell is all this global warming we've been promised?

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads
    (New Episodes on Monday and Thursday)

  6. Write a book on your "Stoplight Trickery" and be rich!

  7. Lucky you and your trickery, I've never been able to miss the stop lights. I blame the city to the point where I want to change their motto to "Home of the Stop Light; Enjoy Your Stay".

  8. lol!
    Here's to the stoplights continuing to be fooled! From the pic I'd say it was a spectacular day for a ride.

  9. Hi RichardM,

    I wish! Deadlines and bills prevail. Besides, Saturday was going to be spectacular! :) More to come!


  10. Hi Nikos!

    I'm just happy that our choice of trucks allows us to still work on them. They aren't of the electrical magician variety. :)


  11. Hi David,

    Never fret, we have stooped back down into frigid temps and rain. Your temps are just a little worse with sleet. Keep plugging away and that job in the Caribbean will come.


  12. Hi Bobskoot!

    I'm sorry you were pulling your hair out! Not wise! I, actually, didn't care one iota. (I had an inkling neither one would be worked on.) Actually, the truck was the lucky winner for the day. BTW...diesel, not hemi. Trying to be a little fuel conscious. :)

    I saw your temps today. We will be following shortly!


  13. Hi Jack!

    Refrain from gloating? When I can pull a Roger and have everyone jealous? Not on your Kawasaki H2!

    Haven't you heard? Bobskoot and SonjaM are hogging the Global Warming for themselves.


  14. Hi Ken!

    It would be a short book indeed. Get a rental car for two weeks, get your truck back for two days, get on your motorcycle. Keep that lights guessing! :)


  15. Hi Troubadour!

    My stoplight saga is like yours. I usually hit 11 of my 13 (in 9 miles) on my way to work everyday. All 13 on the way home. I was aghast at my fortune!

    Good motto! Funny! Need to add something in there about air pollution.


  16. Hi Bluekat,

    Cheers! Skål! Salud! Prost! Yasas! Kanpai! From your lips to the stoplights ears. :)

    It was a good day. Too bad work gets in the way. Your journey looked great too!