Monday, November 8, 2010

Blog Buddies

I am enjoying reading people's blogs from around the world. The internet can be such an accommodating place if you look in the right areas and have a little sense of naivete. I am naive, but also cynical. I like to take people at their word and they are really who they are presenting. But my cynicism rears its head sometimes, knowing that things are not always as they seem.

...and sometimes that is a good thing!  (Edit: that didn't come out right!!  I am in no way saying that Richard doesn't present himself well on his blog.  Just forget I said anything was meant more as a "and sometimes people are exactly who they present themselves to be".  sigh...I will learn to think one of these days...)

 I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow blogger RichardM Tuesday of last week.  Nov 2 that would be.  He was a little difficult to plan with in that I offered to get together but he was very picky on what days he could go.   Then, he couldn't even decide on where he wanted to go.  Oh wait!!!  That was me!!  Oops...

Here I go, offering to let's go out to dinner.  And the first thing I have to write back is, "I can't do Wednesday.  Well, I might be able to, but won't know until the day of to determine if the shuttle is going to launch that day or not.  If it is expected to launch, I can't make dinner."  It went along in that vein for a few minutes, offering excuses.  Richard nonchalantly offered Tuesday.  Great!, where to go.  He then took time out of his conference to locate nearby establishments.  I think we are both so easy-going that anything sounded good to us.  I counter-offered an Irish Pub that is a ways from the hotel and he graciously accepted.  I figured it would be a good chance to get him away from the nearby fare that he was destined to eat the rest of the week.

It is always interesting to meet up with people that you have never met.  Sitting, or standing, there and scrutinizing each face to determine if this is the person that you are supposed to recognize.  Then there is the first awkward recognition and introductions.  But being the blog-o-sphere, we actually know a bit about each least one facet of each other's lives.

We hoof it out to the truck and get on our way.  We begin exchanging stories, me by asking just what in the world is this I2 stuff.  I read up their page, but couldn't understand too much.  He cleared it up quickly.  Then we got into the fact that he is leaving early to go down to Cape Canaveral.  (He did divulge why and I was so excited.  I also wanted to tease y'all mercilessly that I knew but wasn't going to tell.  Alas, I am behind.  :) )  I am glad for his opportunity and wished someday to go too.

Then we talked about the shuttle launch and that it was being delayed.  I knew it would probably launch on Friday, by this time, because weather on Thursday was not conducive.  I promptly smacked him one to let him know my displeasure at his chances of seeing a launch with absolutely no thought of planning involved.  Yet here I had been stressing about logistics for two weeks now!!

He took it in stride. (I hope.  LOL.)

Over dinner he regaled me with some of his much in common and he has done some things in his life that I wish I had done with mine!!  Very interesting!!

Richard, I had great fun getting to meet you and talk in person.  Thank you!!

Trying to anticipate some questions from Bobskoot:
  • Nope, didn't take a single picture.
  • Nope, he wasn't wearing crocs.  (Neither was I.)
  • And for it being a pub, we ordered Diet Coke and water, no libations were consumed.
  • Richard did opt for some traditional Bangers and Mash.  I opted for the Fish and Chips.

Learning the launch was 70% favorable for Friday,  some riding buddies and I worked out a way to ride down there.  My brother was even flying in from CA and renting a bike.  I figured we could try and get together with Richard for dinner.  Alas, the launch was scrubbed.  I opted to split with my group and continue down to meet up with my brother for the weekend.  Since I had been up since 1:30, and on the road since 3:30, I forgot to call Richard about dinner until 7.  My bad.  I'm sorry!!  Dinner is on me next time we get together!

I look forward to having the opportunity to meet every blog-buddy...  Maybe even go riding, on your roads or mine.  :)


  1. Lori: I did manage to meet RichardM in Bend, OR last July. Too bad we didn't converse more and he had to leave early. I do have a photo of Richard wearing his orange Crocs.

    there is no excuse for you not taking photos. I know you have a shelf full of your previous cameras all lined up on your shelf just waiting to be used. And we are still waiting for your R12GT cockpit shot.

    I'm confused: You had dinner with Richard then you "forgot", you mean you were going to have dinner two days in a row and you stood him up ? Is that what you were trying to say. I tried to re-read what you wrote then got a headache trying to figure it out

    maybe I am just slow and didn't grasp your words correctly

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. I very much look forward to meeting you one day to!!

  3. At first reading Lori, I thought that you were an astronaut!
    Some years ago, before blogs, I used to travel all over the USA on business - now that we all communicate through the blogosphere I stay in Europe! This is a pity because I value real human contact.

  4. Hi Bob!

    Hmmm...maybe you weren't drinking enough to understand the dinner arrangements? Another glass of wine might have helped. It did for me. ;)

    Since Richard was going to be at Cape Canaveral on Friday, and I was expecting to be for the launch, I had hoped to get together again for dinner with him and some riding buddies. Since the shuttle was scrubbed, my brother and I rode to Tallahassee, quite a distance from the Cape.

    I failed in my duties to contact Richard sooner to let him know we were no longer headed for Cape Canaveral.

    Correct, no excuse for not taking any pictures. Believe it or not, I am shy and retiring. (OK, stop laughing in the background! Hey, someone clap him on the back, he's supposed to drink the wine, not inhale it.) I am not very comfortable taking pictures of people. So didn't want to intrude.

    And I will get around to taking the RT picture. But I really haven't been home most of the week!! Honest! :)

    I'm sorry I gave you a headache and hope you are recovered.


  5. Hi Raftnn,

    Thank you, and same goes. And then I can laugh while you pronounce the longest city name in the world for me, because I know there isn't any way in the world I will be able to repeat it, nor remember it!


  6. Hi Nikos,

    An of those childhood dreams that still sticks with me. I would have enjoyed that if I had a little more direction, and motivation, in my life.

    As long as you are traveling where you want to be traveling, life is good. :) And human contact can take many forms. Opt for the hugs and back slaps over the cold kiss of a bumper. I will get over there one of these days. I have friends in Scotland that I have been promising to visit for three years now. I think I will have to deliver in the Spring.

    Think that I might be able to rent a bike over there with my inferior American driver's license?


  7. Lori

    You need to be careful in Scotland, lots of mosquitoes and men wearing skirts.

    I believe that American's do rent bikes in the UK!


  8. Hi Nikos,

    Bad news is that mosquitos love me. But I don't see a problem with men wearing skirts, over there. I've heard what they wear under them... ;)

    Yeehaw!! Bike rentals! Thanks for the insight.


  9. Lori/Beemergirl:

    DUH, now I get it. You were going to meet Richard in Cape Canaveral, then why didn't you say that ?

    Too bad you're so far away. Why don't you ride to Oregon, it would be closer for me. I'll buy you an enchalada & diet coke for lunch.

    I need a photo of your PINK CROCS.


    Wet Coast Scootin

  10. Glad you guys got to meet. I keep thinking it would be fun to have a meet and greet sometime...Rider/Blogger/Rally..or something. :)

  11. It was really great to meet you and after the cancellation of the launch, I figured that you and your group would prefer to travel somewhere less crowded. There were a lot of people there for the launch and they all were just hanging around town until the announcement of the November 30th launch date was made.

    And I also failed to take any pictures though I did have my phone with me. Not even of the bangers and mash (excellent dish!) Contrary to what Bobskoot says, I don't have orange Crocs but red and black Mickey Mouse ones. (The holes are in the classic Mickey shape)


  12. Dear Beemer Girl (Lori):

    I have met many blog personalities over the years, and have entertained more than a few here at the house. I only got burned once. Some SOB rode up from Florida, stole the towels, had sex with the dog (the male one), and sang opera to his Triumph in the garage. Then he tried to apply for political asylum among the Quakers.

    Something, huh?

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  13. Hi Bob!

    Ok...I may have been a little long-winded. Blame it on the wine. I'll blame your issues with not having enough. :)

    I will make it to Oregon soon. Just need to figure out finances and time. Don't want to skimp, ya know? I even hope to make it to BC. You can buy me lunch in both places. HAHAHA!!!


  14. Hi Ken,

    I think we missed out this year...the crazy fun people on your side of the continent meet during the BMWMOA rally...

    But I like your idea too. I vote for the first one to be near Raftnn in NZ!! :)


  15. Hi Richard!

    I'm glad you were still able to enjoy the center. I look forward to spending time there again. I love the granite sphere!! And the Apollo mural.

    I love the Mickey Mouse crocs. My nieces showed them to me. Have you adorned them with any jibbitz yet?


  16. Hi Jack!

    It bodes well that you have only encountered one bad seed in the bunch so far. At least you got off cheaply with only losing towels and having to listen to someone croon off key. At least the dog isn't pregnant! :)