Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tag. You're It.

This 9 to 5 thing is for the birds.  I particularly like my 3 days on 2 days off work schedule.  But lately I have been working 5 days.  And it's been taking its toll.  So I managed to take the day off.  But what was I going to do?  I debated between hiking and photography or riding.  Since riding wasn't on the menu on Saturday or Sunday I was fairly easily persuaded into taking the riding option.  It was an absolutely perfect day and either choice would have been worthwhile.

Since the choice was riding, where to go??

Mr. Oilburner and I have been following an adventure riding forum that participates in a tagging game.  It has been going on for a couple years, so the point is that someone has posted a picture of their bike in front of a landmark of some sort.  Other people try to identify it and make it their ride to take a picture of the place with their bike.  Once they post it to the group it is their responsibility to then post another picture as the next tag location.

With the cold weather and icy roads the current tag has been sitting out there, unclaimed, for a couple weeks.  Mr. Oilburner and I had considered capturing it the last two weekends, but decided on warmer climes or housework.  So why not go for it?

I programed the location into the GPS and let it lead me where ever it wanted.  Boy was it a strange route...  I wound up on surface streets most of the way.  The first half meant tons of lunch time traffic.  The remaining half was lovely, albeit leafless, country road where I had never been.

The distance was only 107 miles round trip.  I snagged the tag (hehe) then headed around for lunch.

Reinhardt Collete, Waleska, GA

I was all set to ride to the location that I wanted to tag.  The distance was only 100 miles.  But it would have been ALL interstate riding, and right through downtown ATL.  Over 50 miles would have been through heavy, urban traffic.  Not worth it.  Mr. Oilburner said we could go out after he came home.

We did hop on the bikes when he arrived.  But the sun went down only 45 minutes later. And the temperatures dropped rapidly.  We were only half way to our destination, riding down the interstate, in the dark when I decided to put the kibosh on the adventure.  I wasn't having fun running the freeway in the dark and cold.  We hopped off the freeway and just wound our way home on side streets.  Much more fun and warmer...  Besides, how you can take a picture of a tag in the dark??

So I just posted a quick tag from our ride to McRae and the Statue of Liberyty

The rains are coming back in the rest of the week.  We'll see how long it takes someone to pick it up...  ;-)

107 miles for Reinhardt College tag
96 miles to admit futility in post tag
weather was perfect!!!

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