Sunday, May 10, 2009

Monticello and Greensboro

We picked the [supposed] better of the two days this weekend to go for a ride. We headed towards Monticello, Ga, one of the filming locations for My Cousin Vinny. It is a nice little town with a welcoming town square. We arrived at 12:30...just in time to see the last of the vendors packing up. We didn't know that every Saturday from 8:30 to mid-day from April to Sept they have a little market in the square. I guess we will have to go earlier next time.

We walked around the square and took a few pictures, didn't recognize much from the movie and tried to find a place to eat. The town is still trying to bring business to main street, so many of the buildings were vacant and soaped over.


If there wasn't much on the square, we didn't want to venture out too far. We were hungry! So the only place on the square was Blimpies. And while the kitchen received 100 on their last health inspection, the wallpaper in the eating area was shrinking and peeling rapidly.


As we ate we looked at the map and gps to determine where we were headed next. Hmmm...if we headed East we could stop on a little road with the interesting name Apt to Miss Rd. It took us awhile to figure out that is was just "apt"...not apartment, not appointment, just apt. Made it more fun when we saw it. Another sign to add to the collection.

Apt to Miss Rd

We arrived in Greensboro to find they also were cleaning up after a festival. Boy...always late!! Riding through town we spied an interesting rock jail and stopped to have a closer look. The historical marker noted this is a "gaol" built in 1807 and patterned after the bastilles. The person writing the historical marker had a sense of humor while discussing the hangings that took place in the jail as "the culprit was launched into eternity".


We stayed on the backroads heading for home. I've ridden most of the roads, but always in the opposite direction. Always interesting to encounter a familiar road in the opposite direction. We experienced technical difficulties on the way home when my battery in the intercom died. Mr Oilburner thought ahead and brought the we both rode in quiet wind noise and private thoughts for awhile. Strange how quickly you can get used to having constant connection with people. Not quite like a cell phone...but unfortunately close to it... ;-)

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