Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tour of Nothing

It was a nice day and Alex has a new bike. What other excuse is needed to ride??

We generally plan and lead the rides simply because we want to see new and interesting places and have the GPS'. So we determined that it was Alex's turn to plan and lead since he does have GPS software installed on his phone. Hmmm...didn't turn out as planned.

We headed towards Buford to see a guy about reinstalling the firmware on C's power commander for his bike. C tried to update the firmware version and didn't have it powered properly. He wound up wiping it clean. He was hoping this guy would be able to reinstall and update. Unfortunately he wasn't able to.

That put us in Buford to meet up with Alex for breakfast.

During breakfast we discussed a possible ride: Lake Lanier. Hmmm....C and I looked at each other and tried to figure out "where" around Lake Lanier. It isn't a bad lake, but it highly developed without many scenic roads in view of the lake. So much for someone else planning this. So C lead and we headed out.

I was sorely disappointed at the roads and lack of scenery so convinced C to head towards Hwy 441 and Lake Rabun. C didn't need much arm twisting since he was itching to ride those small twisties at Rabun and Seed lakes.

Absolutely nothing exciting happened on this ride. We rode, we gased up, we took a short photo op after the twisties then headed home.

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